Thursday, October 25, 2007


I am finally free! Free from the shackles of corporate greed and politics!

As if my prayers have been answered, I was made redundant from work a couple of weeks back. Isn't that the best way to go? You get a huge payout and leave the work that you dread behind?


So these past few weeks have been spent on looking for other employment opportunities (I am waiting for a couple of phone calls this week) and catching up on playing The Sims 2. Since my mother gave me that game for Christmas (and I bought all the extension packs), I have never had the time to play it. My former job made sure that my "me" time is completely ripped out of me. I surely made up for it this week though. I created a couple of characters and the character I based on Arnie (named Lawrence) already has two loves and scored with both (called a Woohoo) in bed and in the jacuzzi! He is now aspiring to do a "public woohoo" and having a third love. What a pervert! Hahaha!

I also caught up with household chores (the ironing is killing me) and took up a new hobby... taking care of fishes that is! We now have two new fish tanks - one for tropical carnivore fishes (Arnie's choice of course) and one for a couple of cute red cap oranda goldfishes that I have named Sid and Nancy. Hehehe.

I have also taken this time to evaluate what is really important in my life. I found that my career will always come second to my family. Because of the stress from my former job, I now have a condition in my neck and shoulder joint that needs to be tended to by a doctor. I am now seeing a naturopath who is giving me weekly treatments of remedial massage, acupuncture, and Chinese cupping. I really need to take care of myself from now on. I am also taking medication for my stress, pain and energy levels.

Well, I hope in my next entry I'll be telling you guys about my new job.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Jaded worker

I never thought I'll say this, but I am no longer happy about my work.

The company I work for has turned into a profit-driven, heartless cesspool. They have sacked so many people in the past few months that I am just waiting my turn.

"Operational re-structure", they say.

It's budget cuts, in my opinion.

Also, my present role is becoming such a chore. I wasn't trained properly for this job, thus my work seems to be half-baked. I was expecting full support from management which, unfortunately, I am not getting. And they expect me to perform well? Hah! It's like asking a person who has been a vegetarian all his life to cook a medium-rare steak! I have turned into a zombie that just turns up to work to get the cash. I no longer believe in what I do nor the company that I work for.

In my honest opinion, I don't see myself staying for another month. I actually just came from an interview regarding a job that I actually studied for. I used to do that particular job before I got this "promotion."

Here's hoping... and who knows what's going to happen in the next few weeks? I feel like something is about to hit - an axe on my neck probably. And you know what? I don't care.