Saturday, August 27, 2005

MLIM Special - Chocolate Indulgence

This is the first installment of the MLIM Special... featuring the best afternoon tea hangouts in Melbourne!

** afternoon tea means merienda**

It was a beautiful Saturday today. It was a mild 21 degrees and people came out from hibernation (because of the freaky cold weather in the past few weeks). Arnie and I went to the city for a few hours to do some stuff, shop around, browse, etc.

After having a light lunch of Kaisen Ramen and Katsudon at Menya Japanese Restaurant and walking around the city, we decided to park ourselves at a place called Koko Black Chocolate.

Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by

Koko Black is located in the Royal Arcade at Bourke Street Mall. It's a licensed Belgian Chocolate lounge that serves... you guessed it... wonderful and delicious Belgian chocolate! The place is located in the heart of the city in one of the most beautiful architectural designed buildings that Melbourne seems to have an abundance of. The building itself is a heritage estate and is protected from property sharks (i.e. no enhancement/so-called improvements unless Heritage Victoria gives the go-ahead).

Arnie and I ordered the Belgian Spoil, consisting of 2 praline belgian chocolates, a shortbread, chocolate cake, chocolate ice cream, and dark chocolate mousse.

Image hosted by

It was a very indulgent treat, which we chose to match with a long black coffee (Arnie) and a small pot of English Breakfast Tea (for me).

I highly recommend Koko Black to chocolate enthusiasts and connoisseurs. It's a place where you can buy pralines for $1.40 a piece or go for truffles that sell for $89 a kilo. Looking at the set up, the quality, and the extra care that the staff of Koko Black goes through to ensure the fine quality and excellent reputation it has as one of the "must-go" sites in the "Chocolate Tours of Melbourne" (yes, there is such a thing! Click here), it's justifiable.

5 out of 5 yums!

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

I'm It Again!

Vayie tagged me again. These questions are rather fun to answer!

What I was like...

20 Years Ago...

24th of August 1985. I was 7 years old. I was in my second grade in O.B. Montessori Center in Sta. Ana, Manila. I was a lanky, awkward kid - very tomboyish. I would always get scolded by my teachers for being "talkative." I think now they call that ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder). Hahahaha! Other than that, I can't remember anything else that I have done in school during that time.

It was during this time that the Cure released the album "Head on the Door," the first ever album I purchased myself.

Menudo was big then, and I clearly remember going to their concert at the PICC with my mum and some friends. Lea Salonga was part of the act. Hahahaha! Baduy!

The song "Everybody Wants To Rule The World" was getting heavy airplay. I originally loved Curt more than I did Roland but in time I began to love Roland more. No idea why I made the sudden switch, maybe his rather ooh la la physique in the video of "I Believe"... nah, that's the reason why I love him again :p

I remember my childhood best friend Maricel and I playing EPs of Wham (Wake Me Up...cringe!), Industry (State of the Nation :p), Toni Basil (Hey Mickey), and Madonna (Borderline). We would dance to these songs every single day!

MTV was always on the telly. I clearly remember all those 80s music videos and how I have memorized some of the dance moves. It was a fantastic era for music.

15 Years Ago...

24th of August 1990. I was in first year high school at La Consolacion College in Mendiola, Manila - an all-girl Catholic school. It was my mum's punishment for being a naughty kid all throughout grade school in OBMC. I was in section St. Monica, and there was nothing saintly about our section. Our section was where all of the new students and naughty kids were. I'm both :p

During the first half of the year, I was part of the cool, trouble-making group. We would get into all sorts of shit, bullying the other girls, having "relationships" with others then leave them crying. Hahaha! I was a nutter back then! A few of my friends got caught for shoplifting at the Gift Gate shop along Centro Escolar. The principal knew I was part of that group but because I was excelling in my studies and was getting remarkable grades, she didn't have any ground to be suspicious of me.

The next half I decided to break out of that awful group and just lay low. I actually made the nicest friends during this time. I was still excelling in school. My last "relationship" actually lasted up till the day I had to leave LCC and transfer back to my alma mater, OBMC. My mum thought that LCC was doing me more harm than good :p

I was still living in Sta. Ana during this time. I was still hanging out with my neighbourhood pals.

10 Years Ago...

24th of August 1995. I was already in my first year of undergraduate studies in La Salle. I started out majoring in Philosophy until I got bored with it and decided to shift to Literature and Japanese Studies. I was kind of "seeing" my best friend David then. He actually started of as a boyfriend before we became such great friends!

La Salle was good to me in a sense that my so-called "weirdness" was not considered weird and my individuality was appreciated. I found that there were people much more nuts than I was! Hahaha!

I made great friends whom I still have great friendships with till this day. Ryan, whom was a great friend from high school, became my blockmate in La Salle. This only served to strengthen our friendship that to this day, we never go over a couple of days without chatting over MSN! As much as he should be whom I consider my best friend, he is more of a brother to me than anything ^_^

The professors were really cool. La Salle made me think outside the square and encouraged me to question everything that I ever believed in. Imagine, the teachings imparted by a known Catholic University like La Salle was actually the reason why I'm an non-practicing Catholic :p The irony of it! Hahaha!

It was also during my stint in Uni that I decided to completely ditch David as a pseudo-boyfriend and get a proper boyfriend - big mistake. Thus begins my 3 year saga with the idiot boyfriend :(

5 Years Ago...

24th of August 2000. I have been staying in Australia for 6 months during this time. I was living alone in Melbourne. I have broken off with the idiot boyfriend over the phone. Nothing like living in a foreign country and getting your head bashed against the wall of reality to make you realize that he was not the one for me. Without even thinking twice, I ditched him. It was the cowardly thing to do because I did it over the phone and not to his face when I was still in Manila, but I was so blinded.

It was this time that I started regaining my self-confidence and my sense of self-worth. That previous relationship completely destroyed the person that I was. I was slowly working to getting back everything that I have lost - my sense of self.

I have not met Arnie as of yet. I met him a month later, and we've been together ever since ^_^

3 Years Ago...

24th of August 2002. I just had my car for a month then. I have only been driving for 2 months. It was a rather exciting time for me then. My mum and I were saving up for our holiday in Manila on December of the same year. Have already been going out with Arnie for almost 2 years at this time. My mum and I were still living in a flat in Footscray at the time. We were already shopping around to buy our house.

I was already promoted to Department Manager at this stage, if I remember correctly I've been in position for a year then. I was very excited about the upcoming Manila holiday too.

Last Year...

24th of August 2004. What happened here? Nothing much, just work, seeing Arnie and stuff... Oh, we just got Meeko about 2 months before then! My little baby puggy who became such a dear addition to our lives!

Last Night...

23rd of August 2005. I was in YM with my two aunties in Japan and my mum who was beside me all the time. We chatted until 12:30 am about my wedding plans :)

Mum and I stayed up till 2 am and chatted. We haven't done that for awhile. It was fun.


Busy at work. Chatting with Arnie and Ryan in MSN while working - breaks the monotony. I have printed heaps of journal articles from the net in preparation for my second assignment.

Next Year...

... plans of buying a house with Arnie. We're also saving up for the wedding ^_^ I'll be graduating from Uni as well, a postgrad degree holder :p I hope that by this time I would have been promoted to a higher paying job with more responsibilities and with more demands (I'm a masochist :p)

Five Years From Now...

I would be 32 then. Hopefully I already have my first kid. I will be in the company for ten years then and will be taking my long service leave (3 months). I might plan to move to another kind of job, hopefully in the arts sector (art galleries, stuff like that). I hope that during this stage Arnie and I will have so much money we don't know what to do with it :p

I also want to have already travelled most of Europe, have gone back to the Philippines a few times, and have around 3 pugs running around our house. I also want my mum to have a comfortable life during this time. She'll be 54 during this time.

Ten Years From Now...

I just want to be a happy, healthy, and content 37-year old. I wish all my loved ones happiness and good health during this time as well. I hope I have my second kid by this time.

Now, I tag Kiko, Jayce, Karen Kristie, and Jaz ^_^

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

What I have learned from TFC...

Okay, this thing they call "Bora" back in the Philippines just popped up when I was watching TFC (The Filipino Channel, powered by ABS-CBN) at a friend's place last Saturday night. I have not watched any Filipino shows for the past 3 years since I last went back to Manila for holidays. There is an actual TV show called "Bora" that happens to be quite popular.

When I heard "Bora" and that a lot of Filipinos go there, I was like "Sheesh, are Filipinos that rich that they could afford it?" I was so clueless! My filipino friends here gave me an odd look and said, "Bora? You don't know what Bora is?" I was like, "Duh, no!" They gave me an incredulous look and said, "Boracay!"

I was like "WTF?" And here I thought it was this Bora... as in the French Polynesian Island! This is the place where people spend up to $A5000 for just 3 nights! Can you just imagine my disbelief when I thought this was the "Bora" filipinos were referring to and frequent?



Nothing against Boracay, mind you. I was there a while back and have enjoyed my stay. But then, we are going back to a time when it was a small paradise in the middle of all this clear blue water, when the place did not have a lot of tourists, and when the place was not laden with pedophiles. I liked it better back then.


It was also during the TFC marathon that I found out there is "Pinoy Big Brother." Hahahahaha! What a riot!

I thought it was actually cool that the Filipinos have finally jumped the bandwagon and decided to let the voyeur in all of us come out and play. Then, I saw the housemates. I couldn't be more fake than that! Are people meant to believe that ordinary Filipinos are like that? Whatever happened to just getting average Jane and Joe participate in a show where they can win money, a house and lot, and a car? Surely these people they chose to be "housemates" don't really need it! The fun of watching Big Brother is that you get to see people from all walks of life battle it out in the biggest psychological experiment ever!

I guess it all has to do with the anti-"jologs" system that filos seem so dead set to follow. Honestly! Tsk tsk tsk...

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Video of the week 7...

It has been awhile since I last posted my video of the week slot! I got a bit obsessive with Interpol for awhile there since that fantastic concert! It'll be etched in my memory for a long time!

Now, I'm feeling quite perky for some reason. Is it because my best mate is coming to visit in 2 weeks time? Is it because my life is where I want it to be? Or is it because I have the most wonderful man beside me these past 1-month-shy-of-5-years?

I guess it's all of the above!

Well, here is my video choice for the week... quite perky... with Robert Smith leading! Yay!

Mint Car

The sun is up
I'm so happy I could scream!
And there's nowhere else in the world I'd rather be
Than here with you
It's perfect
It's all I ever wanted
I almost can't believe that it's for real

I really don't think it gets any better than this
Vanilla smile
And a gorgeous strawberry kiss!
Birds sing we swing
Clouds drift by and everything is like a dream
It's everything I wished

Never guessed it got this good
Wondered if it ever would
Really didn't think it could
Do it again?
I know we should!!!

The sun is up
I'm so fizzy I could burst!
You wet through and me headfirst
Into this is perfect
It's all I ever wanted
Ow! It feels so big it almost hurts!

Never guessed it got this good
Wondered if it ever would
Really didn't think it could
Do it some more?
I know we should!!!
Say it will always be like this
The two of us together
It will always be like this
Forever and ever and ever...

Never guessed it got this good
Wondered if it ever would
Really didn't think it could
Do it all the time?
I know that we should!!!

- by the Cure from the album Wild Mood Swings

Friday, August 19, 2005

The official announcement of the MLIM special...

The title of my blog is "My Life in Melbourne". There is a reason for that. This blog is meant to chronicle my life in this beautiful city and along the way, educate my readers on what Melbourne is all about.

I have decided to put up an on-going MLIM (My Life In Melbourne) special regarding different topics... like, the best pub in Melbourne, or the best coffee in Melbourne, stuff like that. Of course, I know that my findings would be rather subjective (for example, I would never say Starbucks serves the best coffee because I don't like Starbucks...). I just hope that this would serve as an informative tool for people who wish to come to this city and get a head start as to what are the best, hippest, and coolest places to go and see.

So, WATCH THIS SPACE! I hope you'll enjoy this added part to my blog, as much as I'll enjoy testing out heaps of yummy goodies!

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Best friend update!

Got a text message from best friend Dave. He's arriving in Melbourne on the 30th of August and leaving for Sydney on the morning of the 3rd of September.

It's such a short time! Damn!

Oh well, no matter. At least I'll be seeing him again after all these years...

Here are the text messages exchanged between us yesterday:

Dave: (to Mig and I) hey guys, were arrvng n melb0urne n tuesday aug 30 ar0und 1-2 pm then leavng satrdy m0rning 4 sydney. We'll b stayng at the darling towers in collins st.

Me: Hey dave. U want me to pick u guys up?

Dave: Hmm lets see, il ask my aunt muna if she made arrangements. txt u back by tmrw btw, 1st m0onthsary namin tmrw (referring to gf)

Me: Congrats :p mig and i are so excited to see you na!

Dave: Yeah, 4 the first tme in years c0mplete tay0ng 3 wish nga na i c0uld stay with u guys l0nger bt il try my best n0t to sleep sa 4 days na y0n haha

Me: We won't make u sleep! So much to do in so little time!

Dave: Haha yeah, we'll sit n a circle and slap each0thr awake wen we see one ab0ut to d0ze off m exctd na!

Me: Oh btw, if it's not much of a hassle can you buy a couple of vcds 4 me? Bagets1 and 2. I'll pay you when u get here

Dave: Hahaha jennie u read my mind! Was jst abt to txt u na if u wanted anythng frm manila pls txt miguel too 4 wat he wants pls? I have a few hrs today nd n sunday to shop 4 stuff esp winter gear. Hve thick jacket and gloves na. B0nnet nalang and probably thermal underware haha that enuf to keep me warm kaya?

Me: Wow! You'll be all ready! Haha! Let's hope that the weather gets warmer by d time u get here. Thx bud! U think u find the vcds? Baduy ko no? Haha!

Dave: Haha no c0ment il try my best to find th0se old vcds wish me luck...

... and there...

This shows who is more text proficient between us, huh? Hahaha!

I can't contain my excitement! I get to take a few days off work as well! Yay! I love my boss!

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Stuff Happens...

I love theatre. It has been awhile since I last saw a play or a musical, but if there is one play I wouldn't want to miss it'll be this:

In the words of Donald Rumsfeld, American Secretary fo Defence, when asked about the looting in Baghdad after the invasion of Iraq...

Stuff Happens.

Yep, the play is called that. It is written by British playwright David Hare and showcases the events before 7/11 up until the invasion of Iraq.

Click here to read the full review of the play.

If you ever get the chance to watch this play in your cities, do so. I think this is a must see play, especially for people who believe that the war of Iraq is a complete waste of time, energy, resources, and lives. It is an excellent opportunity to watch the events unfold before your eyes in a linear fashion.

I can't wait!

Monday, August 15, 2005

Who turned down the bleedin' thermostat?!?

Let me just rant about this freakish weather we've been having here in Melbourne.

As much as I love this city, there are times when I think this place is no better than bleedin' London... gloomy, wet, and cold...

This past week, Melbournites have been treated to the worst weather that winter has to offer. Just last week, towns around the coastline got so much snow! It was unbelievable that the flatlands had almost as much snow as up in the mountains!

Last night, Arnie and I went to the city. I had a sudden craving for Okonomiyaki, which unfortunately cannot be served because the restaurant closing in a few minutes... grrrr... So instead we shared a Tonkatsu Miso Ramen. Walking in the city was like going through a wind tunnel. Not only that, the wind was fekkin' freezing! Our chill was temporarily subdued by the hot drinks we purchased at a cafe in Lygon Street, Carlton afterwards.

Today, looking out the office window, I see that it is still gloomy, wet, and cold... and I have to go out there because I have class in a couple of hours! Grrrrrr.....

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Got tagged by Karen kristie...

... this whole tagging business is rather fun I must say, and because I'm not KJ I'll do it...

1. What are the things you enjoy doing even when there's no one around you?

Playing PS2 games and PC games, reading, listening to music (usually singing along or dancing to it), driving around, having a nice cup of coffee or tea in a nice cafe, cooking, taking photos of nice scenery, watching DVDs, internet browsing, visiting art exhibitions, going to Sunday markets and hunt down cool jewellery/clothes/books/anything really! Hunting down bargains.

2. What lowers your stress/blood pressure/anxiety level?

Shopping of course! Listening to music, reading, spa, massage, consuming great tasting food and drink, being surrounded by friends and loved ones, a good laugh.

3. Tag five friends and ask them to post this


Saturday, August 13, 2005

Got tagged by Vayie... do these little questionnaire brought to you by the number Se7en!

Seven things that scare me...

1. Flying cockroaches
2. Moths
3. Crows
4. Snakes
5. Huge poisonous spiders
6. Meeko falling ill
7. My loved one falling ill/dying

Seven things I like most...

1. Blogging
2. Dancing in the Darkroom
3. Shopping!
4. Shoes
5. Books
6. Music!
7. Clothes

Seven important things in my room...

1. Alarm clock (I wouldn't wake up otherwise)
2. Books/magazines (handy when I have an insomnia attack)
3. any drink
4. Tigger (my plush doll given by my mum)
5. Picture of Arnie
6. Hairbrush
7. Think wooly socks (in case my feet get cold)

Seven random facts about me...

1. I have more male friends than females
2. In spite of my worldly views, I have only been with two men (you know what I mean :p)
3. I do meowing sounds towards Arnie (hahahaha!)
4. I carry Meeko around like a baby (because she IS my baby!)
5. At last count, I have around 45 pairs of shoes
6. At last count, I have around 300 cds
7. At last count, I have around 100 dvds

Seven things I plan to do before I die...

1. Travel around the world
2. Beat Imelda Marcos's record! Hahaha!
3. Own at least 5 properties across Australia
4. See The Cure live
5. Complete my novel
6. Get my PhD
7. Do something to improve quality of life in the Philippines

Seven things that I CAN do...

1. I can dance (Darkroom quality anyway :p)
2. Speed read
3. Multitask BIGTIME! (Blog, do my homework, watch tv, eat...)
4. Lie and mean every little thing I say (one of the traits my friends reckon that'll make me an excellent barrister :p)
5. Do minimal work but end up having fantastic results (yabang!)
6. Climb 1254 steps in 25 minutes!
7. Love fully

Seven things that I CAN'T do...

1. I can't swim
2. I can't be too girly
3. I can't back down especially when I know I'm right
4. I can't be ordinary
5. I can't be a conformist
6. I can NEVER like Britney Spears!
7. I can't stand male chauvinists pigs!

Seven things that attract me to the opposite sex...

1. Intelligence
2. Strong arms
3. Sense of humour
4. Ability to laugh at oneself
5. Positive thinker
6. Musical capability (able to sing, play the guitar, etc.)
7. Null body odour

Seven things that I say the most...

1. Fuck!
2. Bloody
3. Ooopsie
4. Shit
5. Idiot
6. Hai
7. Yo

Seven celebrity crushes...

1. Roland Orzabal
2. Robert Smith
3. Daniel Radcliffe
4. Colin Firth
5. Orlando Bloom
6. Kimura Takuya
7. Julian McMahon

Seven people I want to tag...

1. Kiko
2. Jaz
3. DJ
4. Yvette
5. Karen kristie
6. Wanggo
7. Jayce

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Tricky so-called "relationships"

Picture this:

Boy meets girl. Girl likes boy. Boy also likes girl but not enough to commit to a steady relationship. Girl agrees with boy that they can be "friends with benefits." Boy and girl sleep together, do everything together like normal couples do. Boy falls in love with another girl. Girl gets desperate and tries to keep boy from leaving her. Boy leaves anyway and has a relationship with the other girl. Girl is now angry at boy because she believes he cheated on her.

Now, does she have any ground to get angry at the guy?

The reason why I posted this is because I know a "couple" who went through this. The girl genuinely liked the guy, possibly even loved him to an extent. The boy really cared for her, just not in the way the girl wanted to. People say it's a rather complicated situation wherein of course, they would pinpoint the guy and say that he is at fault, he's a no-good womanizer, he's a user, etc, etc...

Personally, this is my take on this:

Yes, the guy is a user. He did use the girl for sex, as a stand-by girlfriend until someone better comes along. At the same time, the girl was at fault as well. It's not like the guy twisted her arm into getting into this so-called "relationship." She probably thought that by sleeping with the guy and being all intimate with him, he will learn to love her later on.

Now, here is the biggest mistake that every woman makes time and time again. Let me reiterate it: For men, love and sex are two completely different things! It's not hard to understand! There are women who think the same way but generally women, being the emotional and heartfelt creatures that we are, believe love and sex are part of a formula - without the other, it just won't work.

I'll be the first to admit that there are men out there who believe in love and sex going hand in hand, but it does not make them immune to the call of the flesh if needed. In the situation I have written above, this was surely the case.

I believe that there are people "built" for this kind of "relationship." Some aren't. I know I'm not, but I don't look at people any less if they are comfortable with it. I guess caution is the way to go with this because no matter how clear a person is with their intentions, we are only human and we are susceptible to succumbing to our feelings. After all, what human being does not want to love and be loved in return?

Monday, August 08, 2005

Jennie the gamer...

My friends way back in high school would know that my hands have always had callouses... from writing too much and from playing too much SNES games (this just shows how old I really am!).

Yesterday, Arnie and I visited a gaming retail shop called EB Games at The Glen in Glen Waverley (21 kms from the CBD). The shop had an abundance of games for PS2, Xbox, PC, and Nintendo systems. While browsing through shelves of different games, I chanced upon a game called Dragonball Z Budokai. It has been out for sometime now. The shop was selling it 50% off the marked price! OMG!!!

Needless to say, I bought the little sucker and as soon as Arnie and I got home, I started playing. This game brought so many memories back - I have been an avid player of DBZ since high school, frequenting the gaming centres in Virra Mall, Greenhills and spending up to 50 pesos a pop (a lot of money back in 1994) to play the same game every single day. I was such a gaming addict!

... and I still am!

I now have a list of games I want to purchase next:

1. Mortal Kombat Deception
2. Project Zero 1 and 2 (scary shit!)
3. Battle for Middle Earth (as soon as I have my PC's video card changed!)
4. The Sims 2 University
5. Dragonball Z Budokai 2 and 3

... and I'm sure this list will just keep on getting longer...

Saturday, August 06, 2005

Guess who's coming to visit?

Got the best text message today. My bestest bud, David, texted to say that he is visiting for one whole week! His auntie is treating him to a holiday in Australia and he asked if he could stay here in Melbourne for one week with myself and Miguel.


Dave and I haven't seen each other for 3 years now. It's been sooooo long! He'll be here on the 2nd week of September. I'll be sure to take a week off from work so that I can show him around. We'll have so much to talk about. I can't wait!

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Am I Rebecca Bloomwood?

For those of you who have been living under a rock ^_^, there is a popular series classified under the "Chick Lit" category alongside Bridget Jones's Diary called "The Shopaholic Series." I have read about it and heard about it and yet I have not read the series myself. I have heaps of friends telling me I should read it because the lead character, Rebecca Bloomwood, reminds them so much of myself. I didn't give it that much attention until one of my blog punters, now blog mate Ali, placed a comment on one of my blog entries saying:

reading this entry...i cant help but think of rebecca bloomwood (from the shopaholic series book) seems like you have the same personality when it comes to shopping! have you read it?! i love her!

Now, this just interests me. A complete stranger was able to spot the similarities from just reading something I wrote... of course, the entry was about shopping and money matters. Click here to read the said entry.

I have read the first two books of the series, The Secret Dreamworld of a Shopaholic aka Confessions of a Shopaholic and Shopaholic Abroad aka Shopaholic Takes Manhattan. The former is the British title and the latter is the American title. I'll be buying the third book called Shopaholic Ties The Knot on the weekend.

Reading the first two books, I immensely enjoyed myself. I laughed with and at Rebecca for her crazy antics (all of those lame arse excuses she comes up with for not paying her bills were hilarious!), felt absolutely embarassed for her in certain situations (fluent speaker of Finnish? Hah!), and rejoiced with her for getting her life back on track. Of course, it helps that there is a hunky, filthy rich and gorgeous British man after her. Yummy!

Having read this book, a part of me cringed that my friends are right - Rebecca and I have SOME (and I stress some!) similarities. Here is the list:

- atrocious number of shoes. I too have a penchant for just opening my closet and looking at them for no particular reason.
- I have shoes and clothes that I have worn only once.
- I have the same size feet as her!
- Whenever my mum asks how much a particular item I bought costs, I lower the price by at least 40%.
- I have clothes that still have the tags attached to them - completely unworn.
- I also daydream about winning the lottery. (who doesn't?)
- I love dining out.
- I love my wine and I think it's essential.
- I buy on impulse quite a lot!
- I have in the past maxed out my cards but have paid them off since.

Now, here is a list of things wherein Rebecca and I are completely different:

- I have assets.
- I don't have an overdraft. (a 5000 pound overdraft? My God!)
- I live within my means - although I have had my weak moments.
- I pay my bills off first before I indulge myself.
- I constantly think about whether I REALLY need an item I want to buy or not

Hmmm... come to think of it, my list of similarities is longer. Argh!

Am I Rebecca Bloomwood? What do you think?

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Tea Too, the place to be...

... for all your tea needs! (I sound like a bad ad campaign!)

photo from shoppingsecret

Tea Too (aka T2) is one of those shops that just grows on you whether or not you're a big tea drinker. I love my tea and this happens to be one of my favourite shops. They have everything tea related - from tea cups, pots, strainers, perculators, and of course, over 200 different varieties of tea! They even have a few pots of different kinds of tea available for the consumer who wants to have a little taste before they decide to buy anything.

photo from shoppingsecret

Being the Chai addict that I am, I went and got myself a 500 gram pack of chai loose leaf tea. I actually had a taste of T2 chai in a restaurant that my friend and I went to in Acland Street, St. Kilda on the night of the Billy Corgan gig. It is by far the best Chai Tea Latte I have ever tasted! Move over Starbucks... I have no use for you anymore! ^_^

I've been happily drinking my chai religiously every night, brewing it in a teapot, pouring it into a huge mug with steamed milk, honey, and cinnamon powder on top. Yum!!!

I also got:

- a 250 gram pack of the Turkish Apple Tisane. It's made up of ground apple and sugar. It's an excellent drink hot or cold.
- a 250 gram pack of English Breakfast black tea. It's the perfect pick-me-up in the morning!
- a 250 gram pack of Sencha Imperial green tea. I am a big fan of green tea in general, but this is the best I have tasted by far.

I am actually running out of chai so I would have to make a mad dash and get a bigger pack this time.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

From Tagboard to Shoutbox

Tagboard has been fucking around for the past few weeks. I decided it's time for a change and use shout box. A lot of my friends have been using this service and have been raving about it.

Make sure you guys shout out, ayt?


Monday, August 01, 2005

Interpol - The Australian Tour

The day after the Billy Corgan gig that my friend Mig and I saw, my partner Arnie and I went to the Metro Nightclub to catch the Interpol gig. As much as I enjoyed the Billy gig the previous night, the Interpol gig by far was the best live show I have ever seen in the past few years.

For one, the venue was so much more relaxed. Smoking and drinking is allowed. People could move around more, get closer to the band to watch if they wanted. Arnie and I opted to take the unobstructed balcony view. It was perfect, only that we didn't get to see Sam Fogarino (the drummer) that well. We had an excellent view of Paul, Daniel, and Arnie's fave, Carlos D.

As soon as Paul walked out and the lights went on, I saw how blue his eyes are and I was mesmerized. Then, the first few notes of "Next Exit" played and the whole place just roared. Interpol fans are so fun to watch, everybody was so involved, singing and dancing along.

This is the complete set list of that night:

Next Exit
Say Hello To The Angels
Length Of Love
Not Even Jail
Hands Away
Slow Hands
Public Pervert
Take You On A Cruise

Untitled (NYC crossed out originally)
Obstacle 1

The most memorable moment for me was when they played "PDA". I actually teared up, probably partly because of the smoky venue, but it was best feeling I've ever felt. When Paul was just playing the last few rifts of the song, he lit a cigarette, took in the audience and the venue, clearly enjoying himself.

Paul summarized the whole atmosphere of the show by saying, "You guys are fucking awesome, thank you."

No, thank you Paul. I hope you and the boys come back very soon.

Here are some pictures I took that night. Enjoy!

Arnie and I... he was sure glad to be introduced to Interpol. He couldn't stop raving about it afterwards! Posted by Picasa

Audience was captivated, and most were singing along to everything played in the set.  Posted by Picasa

These two sure ain't got no "Slow Hands" ^_^ Posted by Picasa

Check out the venue... it was packed! Posted by Picasa

Paul singing "Next Exit" Posted by Picasa

Turn on the Bright Lights, Carlos! You rock! Posted by Picasa

Carlos D, according to Arnie, is the coolest bassist at the moment. Look at the threads! Posted by Picasa

Paul looking so cool. His voice was amazing! Posted by Picasa

From left: Daniel Kessler (Guitar, Vocals), Paul Banks (Lead Vocals, Guitar) and Carlos D. (Bass). The drummer, Sam Fogarino, is behind Paul and I have no way of taking his picture. Hmph! Posted by Picasa