Friday, April 22, 2005

Bi-curious, what?

Rant Alert!!!

Today, I started questioning and thinking about abandoning my tomboyish ways. I know that my friends may think that it is easier said than done, After all, in all my 27 years of existing, I have never been lady-like or girly, or whatever you call it. I have always been the tomboy of the family. I've been rather proud of it. I know that because of my boyishness, no man will try and take me for a fool and people will think that I can take care of myself. Also, because of my boyishness, I have made heaps of guy friends and rather intelligent girlfriends (none of those "valley girl" types). I think I should also mention that I also have heaps of gay friends and have absolutely no problem with homosexuality. I know that I should be happy because my boyishness is part of who I have become today.

Two weeks ago in university, while I was waiting for my class to start, I was hanging out with my friends outside the classroom. We were all sitting on the floor along the corridor. While I was leaning against the wall with my knees tucked close to my chest (in pure unlady-like fashion :p), a girl of asian descent looked at me and smiled. I smiled back, thinking nothing of it. And then... she winked at me! A real, flirtateous wink at that! I blinked. Can you imagine my surprise?

Bloody hell... I have had my share of girls trying to flirt with me back when I was doing my bachelor degree 8 years ago. But this was the first that I have encountered such a bold attempt! I have talked to Arnie about this and he just laughed the whole thing of. I asked him if I look like a lesbian to him. He did say that people may get that impression because of my boyishness. Maybe I should try to act slightly lady-like.

Well, when I wear dresses, I don't act like a tomboy. I may not be as graceful as some girls out there, but I do know how to behave. Honestly, am I supposed to act like a freakin' model in school or something? My point is, I am not trying to attract men out there and act all giggly/girly/silly just to assert the fact that I ain't gay.

Jennie has always been known as a big tomboy and I don't think I should change just because some chick flirted with me. I'll just have to straighten out any misunderstanding I guess...

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Melbourne International Comedy Festival

Finally got my finger out of my arse... I feel like after the excellent experience I had last night, I should be posting more regularly now. I am back with a vengeance!

Get your dirty mind out of the gutter... it wasn't that kind of an experience (although I wished it was... hahaha)... ahem... Melbourne International Comedy Festival! Every year, hundreds of comedians from all over the world gather in Melbourne and endeavour to make us Melbournites piss our pants with laughter. I was fortunate to watch one comedian whom I've wanted see for such a long time but never got the chance (read: all shows are sold out! Grrrr...). Luckily, I was able to snatch the last two tickets to his special show at the Melbourne Town Hall. Introducing (to those who don't know him)... Danny Bhoy!!!

Image hosted by He's a 24 year-old half Scottish, half Indian bloke who's been the comedy circuit since 1998. He had sold out shows in the Edinburgh festival, London, and three years of shows in the Melbourne International Comedy Festival made him a household name. Some even dub him "the next Billy Connolly." I guess that fits... he's a bloke, he's scottish, and well, he's crude!

Here's a sample joke:

"I was the only coloured in kid in school and I remember on my first day, there was this kid who was the school bully. He was huge with red hair, freckles, and was wearing an incredible hulk t-shirt. He started pushing me and said, 'get away from here! I hate coloured people!'"

"... and I said, 'then why are you wearing a shirt with a green man on it?'"

Hahahahaha.... I'm still in stitches!

Saturday, April 09, 2005

No excuses...

I know it has been a good week since I last posted something in my blog/blogs. I thought I'd give myself a "mental health break". Between work, school, updating this blog, Arnie, Meeko, my friends, and mourning the Pope, (whose funeral was yesterday just in case people in caves don't know :p) I have barely enough time to scratch my arse!

I am trying my darnest to update this ASAP. I guess this short note is just an alert to everyone that I AM ALIVE! I am working on my latest post in my arts blog. Hopefully once I get my damn pictures uploaded into my PC, I'll post that entry by tomorrow night.

Cheers folks!

Sunday, April 03, 2005

My Tribute to Pope John Paul II

At exactly 9:27 pm local time, the Pope was unresponsive. The carmalengo, after having performed the ritual of calling upon his holiness by his Christian name, Carol, 3 times and the light tapping of a silver hammer on the forehead thrice, announced the death of Pope John Paul II. Silence was asked of the people maintaining a vigil at St. Peter's Square while the eerie bells rang, and afterwards, a huge applause was heard throughout the Vatican.

People mourned the death of the great Pope and celebrated his wonderful reign as the symbolical Father of the Church. I have known no other Pope than he, him being the Pope the same time I was born. I have cried this morning when I heard of his death, feeling like I have lost a father whom I have profound respect and cared for deeply. As I'm typing this entry, I'm still shedding a few tears. I may not be the devout Catholic I was when he visited Manila back in 1995 during World Youth Day, but I have always loved the man. I admire him for his strength, his humour, his intelligence, his conviction, and most of all, for his genuine love of people... that he sincerely believed that people are good, capable of doing great things, and capable of being united under one God regardless of religion.

He was known for a lot of "firsts", "mosts" and "greats". He was:

- the most travelled Pope, believed that by using a measuring tape, it equates to him having travelled to the moon and back three times!
- the first none Italian Pope in 450 years
- the youngest Pope in 150 years
- the first Pope to have been into a synagogue... and for apologizing to the Jews for atrocities committed by Christians
- have admonished the pedophile priests tarnishing Christianity in America and all over the world
- have used the media extensively
- have met the most number of political leaders in the World
- have met with other spiritual leaders of different faiths
- have been involved in the destruction of Communism in Eastern Europe

... and so on, and so forth.

It is the end of an era. It will be difficult for the conclave to vote and elect for a new Pope, for no one can be JPII. His brand of Christianity, according to many, has been criticized and perceived as not suited for today's times. He shrugged off all criticisms and soldiered on. He was probably the only Pope that regardless of difference of opinions, people still listen to him and respect him for the man that he is.

He will be sorely missed by Christians and people from other faiths that he has made friends with. He will always have a special place in my heart, the man who has kept a brave face and a serene aura until the day he passed.

He uttered his final words last night (Australian time) and said, "I am aware you are all here for me and I thank you."

We thank you, Pope... may flocks of angels sing thee to thy rest.

I will post a follow up entry on this regarding the voting rituals of the conclave. In the meantime, I mourn...

Friday, April 01, 2005

April Fool's Day!

Rant Alert!

1st of April. All over the world heaps of people, simpletons and intellectuals alike, unite during the one day wherein tomfoolery is encouraged. I, for one, am not exempt from this. I have devised a "very cunning plan" (in the words of Black Adder's Baldrick) and instigated my well-thought out prank.

My victim: Arnie... who else? He would believe everything I say, being the lovable cutie that I am (according to him, anyway :p). I gave him a call while I was at work, while he was at work, very busy with what he was doing at the time. With a serious tone, I said:

"Baby, I haven't been honest with you."

"Why?" he asked.

"It's just that I have been throwing these past few days."

"Why? Is it something you ate?" he asked, really concerned.

"Baby, I bought a pregnancy test kit and... it's positive." I said in a very solemn tone.

"Say that again?"

"I'm pregnant, baby."

"But how? You have your period, don't you?" he asked.

"I know. Apparently it is a rarity but it happens."

Now here is the part that I didn't expect, that made me realize that my plan backfired.

I was expecting him to rant, to go insanely anxious and nervous, but instead... he was genuinely happy!


He then proceeded to ask me about our plans, about how we're going to approach the situation, etc., etc...

A few minutes later, I just started laughing. He then realized that I "April fooled" him. He told me that he was really excited and was actually disappointed it was real. Apparently, if I hadn't told him then that it was a joke and left it till tonight, as soon as we hang the phone he'll be emailing and ringing our friends and his family about my so-called pregnancy!

I say it again, un-fucking-believable!

I told my classmate in my post-grad studies, Patricia, about the whole thing. She, too, was very much surprised with Arnie's reaction. She then told me to hang onto him because he was indeed one of a kind.

Well, honey, I have snagged him... and I have no intentions of letting him go!