Tuesday, May 30, 2006

The wait is over....

Finally! After 4 weeks to the day, I got the most important phone call of my career so far...



My new job title, "Process and Training Analyst", effective 1st of June.

I'm so excited! Here's to new challenges, a higher pay, and a much-needed new wardrobe >wink<

Monday, May 29, 2006

Seduction in the age of cyber

Have been blog hopping today since I haven't done that for awhile. Just my luck, this was the first blog I got when I hit the "next blog" button. I am not bagging this blog, on the contrary. This is a photoblog of a very erotic content but highly artistic. The photographer is a woman who goes by the name of "Kimiko" from Germany. Some of her photo captions such as "Bloody Mary", "Electra Complex", or the more risque "Alone at home" captures the very sexual nature of the photographs. The photos in this blog do not undermine the female body, but in my opinion it actually celebrates female sexuality.

Have a look and judge for yourselves.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Australia vs. Greece

Melbourne is gripped in football (soccer) fever. In a world cup warm-up exercise, the Australian Socceroos had a friendly game with Euro cup champions Greece.

AUSTRALIA WON!!! Score: 1-0

One-nil: Socceroo Josip Skoko rejoices after scoring the only goal of the game as Australia beat Greece at the MCG. A crowd of 95,103 watched the match, Australia's final tune-up before next month's World Cup in Germany. (Picture: AAP, caption from Herald Sun)

There is only a few weeks left till the world cup starts and it will be weeks of sleepless nights for me and other football fans around the globe. Bring it on!!!

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Decoding the Code

Arnie and I went to see "The Da Vinci Code" yesterday afternoon before we went off to meet up with some friends. I have enjoyed reading the book and liked the character of Robert Langdon, whom I have always thought of as a scholarly James Bond although not as good looking but with claustrophobia and a penchant for wearing Harris tweed jackets. Watching the book come alive in the big screen was joy for me, if not just to see the legendary works of master artists such as Caravaggio and the rumoured former grandmaster of the Priory of Sion, Leonardo Da Vinci inside every art lovers' mecca, the Louvre.

I did not expect the movie to include every single thing in the book but it was enough to make an excellent narrative. My favourite character was Sir Ian McKellan's Sir Leigh Teabing. He did justice to the role of an obsessed Grail historian. Ton Hanks wasn't a bad Robert Langdon at all. I personally have always liked Tom Hanks as an actor, so bollocks to people who think Harrison Ford should get the role (same people think that Robert Langdon is an Indiana Jones incarnate). >shudder<

Audrey Tautou has always been a beautiful French actress. I have liked her in Amelie and A Very Long Engagament. It is just unfortunate the Tom and Audrey didn't have the connection or the chemistry that I expected the Langdon and Neveau characters to have. Oh well.

It was a fun movie. I am quite lucky that it was just rated M-13 here in Australia. I have a few friends who have asked me why they have rated it R-18 in Manila. I said it's because some Filipinos are hypocrites. The censors allow movies that contain naked women being raped to be shown on the big screen, but movies that may cause believers to question certain things about their religion is not allowed.

Robert Langdon sum everything up it a very poignant statement:

"This does not change the fact the Jesus Christ is an exceptional man, a human inspiration. All that matters is what you believe in."

Well said. Not bad for a person who was raised Catholic, eh?

I suggest that believers and non-believers watch this movie. It is an interesting point of view, questions posed by people for a long time that if were true, it is not truly impossible. Let us not forget that it is historical fact that certain aspects of the Catholic religion have been determined by men, not God. Keep this in mind, read up on your history, and decide for yourself. Is the content of "The Da Vinci Code", "Holy Blood, Holy Grail", and all other Grail legend books all claptrap?

I may believe in the concept of a supreme entity that looks after us, but there have always been certain aspects of the Catholic religion that disturbs me. I question some of the things they do, and as matter of fact I question things that most religions do. What did Sir Teabing say in the movie? "As long as the concept of God existed, men have killed in God's name."

I don't want to get into a full-blown debate about religion because it is honestly not one of my favourite topics. I believe in what Robert Langdon said. "All that matters is what you believe in." I also believe in the good of people, the respect that people should give each other, and living in a world where you do your fellow man or woman no harm. As long as these things exist, that's all that matters.

As for the Code, watch it guys. It is worth it!

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Impending doom?

Have you ever had one of those moments in your life wherein you feel that everything is just so perfect that you know something nasty is lurking around the corner?

I have been feeling this for the past few years now.

Call me a cynic, a non-believer, or a pessimist but I have gone through so much shit in my life that I feel 3 or so years of no pressing issues whatsoever is not normal at all. Given that there are the usual miniscule issues at work and life in general, there is nothing really dramatic in my life that requires sleeplessness and anxiety.

I guess I should be thankful that I am quite lucky with my life now that everything is falling into place. I should be thankful that I am surrounded by people I love and cherish, and for the fantastic opportunities that seem to be popping all over the place for me like wild mushrooms.

But I still can't help feeling that something disastrous is about to happen...

Tania, one of my staff members, always says that one should never think about bad things because you attract it to come to you. This means that I have to push cynical, negative Jennie aside and let positive Jennie shine through. Besides, it was because of positive Jennie that I have this great life in the first place.

I guess this feeling of impending doom is without merit, a completely useless exercise. Humans do tend to be always doubtful of what they receive, constantly questioning and saying "what's the catch?" I guess it is very hard for people to just say "thank you" and move on.

I'll try my hardest to be grateful for everything I have received from now on.

Arnie, thank you for your love and support.

Mum, thank you for always being there for me.

Migs, thank you for being my best mate.

Itchie, Oliver, Caloi, Glen, Rachelle, and Rey, thank you for being my coolest kabarkada here in Melbourne.

To everyone at Recall, thank you for supporting me in my career and helping me broaden my skills.

To my friends and family back in Pinas, thank you for never forgetting me and mum. Miss you guys so much!

To my blogmates and readers, thank you for taking such an interest in my life no matter how boring it could be. It's amazing how the world wide web could shorten distances between people and be tool to make friends :)

And to the supreme being that I never thank enough, thank you for giving me a chance to prove to you that I can be a good person and I will forever be grateful for all the blessings you have showered upon me :)

Monday, May 15, 2006

Re-introducing my music corner!

It's been awhile since I've put some music into my blog so I thought I'd re-introduce the music video corner in here. This week, I've decided to go for a bit of The Strokes with their latest single "Heart in a Cage." You should get the new album guys... it's fantastic! :)

I hate waiting!!!

It has been two weeks to the day since applications for the Process and Training Manager role closed and I am yet to hear back from HR! I have been so jumpy of late because of the waiting game and I can't stand it!

I hope to hear from ANYONE this week... or else I'm going to get absolutely mental! Argh!


On a lighter note, I just got myself a new mobile phone - a Nokia N70. I didn't even realize that it has already been 2 years since I got my trusty Nokia 7610. It was only when I spoke to a customer service officer of my service provider while I was renewing my plan that I found out. So, in true "tech-kie" spirit, I decided to ditch (i.e. sell on eBay) my old phone and get the cool N70. 3G techonology is so cool! :)

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Arnie was robbed!

I received terrible news last night from Arnie. He was robbed at work by a stranger who just walked in to his office and grabbed items from his knapsack. Said items were his newly acquired Nokia N70 mobile phone, his wallet (which I gave as a present)with all his cards, ID, and licence, his Diesel watch (which I gave him for Christmas), and his Tag Heuer watch (which I gave him as an engagement present).

Shit! He was so depressed. I spent all night calming him down over the phone but I myself was ready to skin the robber alive if ever we catch him. The good thing is that his workplace has a surveillance camera and was able to take a clear footage of the prick.

Arnie was really upset because the items, aside from the mobile phone, were a gift from myself and he treasured it because of the sentimental value of the items. I told him that those things are replaceable and that we can get those same items later on. The important thing is that at least no one got hurt. What if he happened to be in his office when the guy came in? What if the guy had a weapon with him?

He is feeling better today. He will be going to the police to give a copy of the surveillance tape. Poor Arnie, he didn't deserve this. I wish I was with him last night to give him a big, comforting hug :(

Monday, May 08, 2006

My patience is wearing thin...

I believe I am one of the most patient people around. It probably has to do with my belief that there is an inate goodness in everyone, even if the person happens to be a hitler-incarnate. These past 5 years of working in the same company and managing the same team has tested my patience in differing degrees.

But I think that my patience is on the brink of a complete breakdown.

It all started with a particular staff member who, for some reason, has started sporting two of my most hated traits in a person - stupidity and lying. Okay, without sounding mean or anything this person does come across as a really stupid arse. She asks the most asinine questions and does the most reprehensable actions.

1. She chats up complete strangers without even thinking of the consequences

2. She met a complete stranger who sent her an SMS by mistake and she was horrified when the guy she met started chatting her up in a rather risque manner

3. She has a "something for nothing" attitude

4. She says the p-word and c-word without batting an eyelash - and this during a normal conversation between work colleagues!

5. She comes across as some innocent little munchkin when she has gone out with a few men at work

6. She has a penchant for lying to your face when she's caught doing something wrong...

7. ... And when she's caught doing something wrong, she'll try to deflect the blame and point the finger at someone else

8. She abuses the internet

9. She believes that for working in the company for 3 years gives her the right to talk back to people (she actually said this to MY boss after I sent her to him for another talk... a MONTH after I gave her a verbal warning!)

The good news is after that talk with my boss which was about a week ago, she is behaving herself. God knows how long this will last. I know my other staff members are ready to kill her if she's up to her shananigans again.

I do pray that I get that job. I am yet to get an interview but I really am hoping for some sort of miracle to deliver me from being around idiots in the workplace, even if in this case it's only one person. I sometimes feel I'm getting dumb myself. Spend one minute with this person and you'll know what I'm talking about!

Unless your idea of great conversation is which actor is dating who or which technique is the best when giving some bloke a blowjob :-s