Saturday, July 30, 2005

Billy Corgan - The Future Embrace Tour

Last Tuesday, July 26, my good friend Mig and I went to Billy Corgan's first ever solo tour in Australia - The Future Embrace Tour. The venue was at the Palais Theatre, located at the heart of St. Kilda, one of the hippest suburbs by the beach in Melbourne.

Needless to say, the show was awesome. I only know three of Billy's solo songs but the show was still quite enjoyable. The first few songs was a bit awkward since the Palais is a sitted venue and no one is willing to get up and get rowdy. Finally, after 5 songs the audience decided to get up and get loud. I was very happy about this.

Billy's band was awesome. They are called "The Fellowship of Broken Toys, comprising of Billy (obviously!), Matt Walker, Brian Liesegang, and Linda Strawberry (such a cool chick).

Their sound has a strong electronica influence, infused with that Pumpkins sound. It was a fantastic set, all songs coming from Billy's album. They did not play any Pumpkins songs much to the disappointment of a lot of people. I personally did not mind it so much. It was still Billy anyway.

The show ended in a rather awkward note when some idiotic mole asked Billy at the end of the show when he decided to talk to the audience if the Pumpkins are getting back together. I thought that was an inappropriate and stupid question. Billy left, waving to the audience, and turned his back.

Wow, that moment was so awkward for everyone!

Mig and I went to the side entrance to meet Billy, possibly even get to touch him/talk to him. Being the short arse that I am, I wasn't so lucky. Mig, the lucky bastard, was able to touch Billy's hand! Argh!!!!

Oh well, good for him!

Here are some photos I would like to share with you guys of that wonderful night. Enjoy!

If you want to listen to Billy's songs, check out his blog (yes, he has his own blog folks!)

My friend Mig and I have always been Billy fans since the Pumpkin days! Posted by Picasa

The star attraction for the night... Posted by Picasa

Waiting outside the venue Posted by Picasa

The gifted man himself, Billy Corgan! Posted by Picasa

Cool bandshot Posted by Picasa

Another band shot Posted by Picasa

Billy with cool chick Linda Posted by Picasa

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Video of the week 7...

Last night was the best night ever! I was at the Metro with Arnie where we watched Interpol. It was the best gig I've been to for the past few years! Wow! I'll share photos and stuff on a later post, including some photos of the Billy Corgan gig I went to last Tuesday.

I thought I'd share this particular video with you guys since this happens to be one of my most favourite songs from their album "Turn on the Bright Lights".


yours is the only version of my desertion that I could ever subscribe to
that is all that I can do
you are a past dinner the last winner I'm raking all around me
until the last drop is behind you

you're so cute when you're frustrated, dear
you're so cute when you're sedated, dear
i'm resting

sleep tight, dream right, we have two hundred couches
where you can sleep tight, dream right, we have two hundred couches
where you can sleep tight, dream right, we have two hundred couches
where you can sleep tonight, sleep tonight, sleep tonight, sleep tonight

- From the album Turn on the Bright Lights

Monday, July 25, 2005

Piracy of HBP

It's barely a couple of weeks since the release of HBP that I came across this link I found in Tobie's blog.

Piracy has reached a new level! My God!

I wonder if JKR has already caught wind of this? It's really worrying!

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Money issues...

I just came home from:

a. an appointment with my accountant. I got my tax return done and I have received a surprisingly hefty amount of money for my claim! Yay!

b. spending money by shopping, shopping, shopping! Well, not a lot anyway. I got myself a nice pink knit jumper, an iPod mini armband (to make listening to music while working out easy), food items from the Filipino grocery at the market, hair products, and medicine (for migraine and female problems :p).

I love payday. On top of that, I also received the company's reimbursement for my university fees. I paid the bills, car registration, insurance...

Tomorrow, I want to go to the city to decide if I'm going to get that cute pair of shoes from Steve Madden or that pair from Nine West...

Ah, decisions, decisions...


It's funny how old I feel now. Rewind back a few years, I would have spent the extra money on things I don't really need and I wouldn't have given the bills that needed paying a second thought. Now, I actually paid all my bills FIRST before I bought stuff for myself. Probably the only thing amongst the stuff I bought that could be a luxury item is the pink jumper. Everything else I really needed. Well, I guess if I decide to buy the shoes tomorrow that would be the other.
I have been planning since last month to buy a Burberry bag and wallet. Now that I have the money to pay for it, I couldn't be bothered. In the back of my head, I know that I don't really need it at the moment. Probably later on when I don't have any bills to pay (which is impossible - there is ALWAYS bills to pay).

Money is such an excellent thing when you're younger. When you're older, it sucks big time. So many issues... was it Notorious BIG that said "Mo' money, mo' problems?" Well, he's right.

Friday, July 22, 2005

Conquered the Rialto!

Wow, I can't believe that my team actually finished! We finished in 25 minutes! It was very hard work, the higher we got, the harder it was to breathe. I honestly thought it was impossible for a person to sweat in the middle of winter, but there we were drenched and dripping in sweat. Eeeeewwww!

I am fitter than I thought I was. I thought that after I climbed the last step in the 55th floor and crossed the finish line, I wouldn't be able to walk. But here I am, in front of my computer at school, putting in this entry (the lecturer is just blabbing in the background :p). I feel fine, really good as a matter of fact.

I believe I deserve to have a nice big meal for dinner and a long hot bath when I get home.

Thanks to Gary, Rebecca, and Geoff for joining me in this seemingly "idiotic" challenge. I think we did our company proud (my boss was quite happy to sponsor us for this event).

I am very happy that I have done something as physically challenging as this. Next stop: the Women's fun run on December...

Might as well start training again ^_^

Thursday, July 21, 2005

The Rialto Run-Up

Tomorrow will be the test of my physical fitness and endurance. Four of us from my company have signed up for the annual Rialto Run-Up. This event takes place at the Rialto Tower, the tallest building in Melbourne. The Run-up is basically a competition of who makes it first to the top floor, on foot, all 1254 steps of it!

I know, I'm insane!

I guess I just want to gauge how fit I have become these past two years of religiously working out.

Wish me luck!

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Kick off the winter chill

It's the middle of July, the middle of winter, and it's just getting colder everyday. Melbournians have different ways of trying to keep warm, some more enjoyable than others.

One of the best ways to keep warm would be the intake of nice hot drinks. Melbourne has a huge selection of cafes, restaurants, and night spots where people can go.

I have a few favourite places that I go to where I grab a nice hot drink to beat the winter chill:

Starbucks - how can you miss this place, honestly? If the saying, "there are more lawyers than rats" is anything to go by, well... I think this also applies to Starbucks. In the city of Melbourne alone, there may be close to 10 shops. It is very hard-pressed not to find one. My favourite drink is the Chai Tea Latte. I am not a big fan of Starbucks coffee because I have tasted better coffee than theirs. I think that their Chai Tea Latte, however, has redeemed them in my eyes.

Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf - there are only a few CBTL's in Melbourne for some reason, but I find their Arabica coffee beans the best! I especially love their Caramel Latte and Ice Blended Coffees! I always ask for a double shot in my lattes since I love the taste of Arabica coffee.

Max Brenner - for all chocoholics, this place is for you! Chocolate drinks, desserts, pastries, everything! Just coming to this place makes me break out because of chocolate overload. That said, my most favourite is the Mexican Chocolate drink... hot milk chocolate with chilli - such a yummy treat especially on a cold night!

Pellegrino's - this place has been in Bourke Street, Melbourne for almost 50 years. You walk into this place and the place looks like a cafe from a 50's - high stools, huge coffee bar, an Italian- speaking barista, photos of old Italy, Italian pastries - it's a fantastic place! It's cheap, the coffee is fabulous, and they also serve homemade Italian dishes. Their pasta pomodoro is way yummy!

Il Primo - one of the Italian Restaurants situated in Little Italy - Lygon Street, Carlton. A jazz band plays here on the weekends, creating a relaxing atmosphere for patrons. My favourite is their Mochacchino in a very tall glass. Yum!

Stokers - this place, you got to know where you're going or you'll get lost! It's in a suburb called Heidelberg. The place may be out of people's way, but this doesn't stop them from driving down! This is the best place to hang out in winter, I reckon. As soon as you go in, you are greeted by friendly staff. At the center is a huge fireplace. The atmosphere is reminiscent of those old jazz coffee clubs, and sure enough the music that they play is, of course, jazz! Stoker's speciality is their pancakes - savoury and sweet. I personally love their strawberry pancakes with ice cream, bolognese pancake with a side of asparagus soup if available, and their yummy marshmallow chocolate!

Well, these are my favourites. The dilemma of living in a city like Melbourne is that you are spoilt for choice. In every corner, there is a coffee shop and 80% of the time, it's pretty descent coffee! This is really bad for coffee and tea addicts like myself...

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Harry Potter fever!

I bought it, read it, and enjoyed it!

Image hosted by

Please read my full review of the Half-Blood Prince here.

Major spoilers in that review! You have been warned!

Video of the week 6...

This week's video is by Interpol, a New York band whose music and style is reminiscent of Joy Division.

I have the priviledge of seeing them live on the 27th of July!!!


Obstacle 1

i wish i could eat the salt off of your lost faded lips
we can cap the old times make playing only logical harm
we cap the old lines make playing that nothing else will change

well she can read, she can read, she can read, she can read, shes bad
she can read, she can read, she can read, she bad, oh shes bad

but its different now that im poor and im aging
ill never see this place again
youll go stabing yourself in the neck

and we can find new ways of living make playing only logical harm
and we can top the old times clay making that nothing else will change
but she can read, she can read, she can read, she can read, shes bad
she can read, she can read, she can read, shes bad, oh shes bad

but its different now that im poor and im aging
ill never seen this place again
youll go stabing yourself in the neck

but its different now that im poor and im aging
ill never seen this place again
youll go stabing yourself in the neck

its in the way that she poses
its in the things that she puts in my heart
her stories are boring and stuff
shes always calling my bluff
she puts the, she puts the weights in to my little heart and she gets in my room and she takes apart
she puts the weights into my little heart
i said she puts the weights into my little heart

she packs it away, she packs it away, she packs it away, she packs it away,
she packs it away, she packs it away, she packs it away

its in the way that she walks, everythings different now
she puts the weights in my heart
she puts the, she puts the weights into my little heart

- From the album Turn on the Bright Lights August 2002

Friday, July 15, 2005

Harry Potter/Continuum

So many things happening this weekend. Today marks the start of Continuum, "an annual Melbourne speculative fiction and pop culture convention celebrating creativity across genre and media". This is its third year and promises to be bigger and better. For one thing, Neil Gaiman, the most celebrated and award-winning creator of the Sandman series and most recently, the upcoming film Mirrormask, will be one of the guests of honour.

I failed to purchase my convention tickets on time. Damn! Not only that, it clashes with my schedule because I have classes later in the afternoon. Grrrr! I won't be able to go to tomorrow's thing as well since it also happens to be the long-awaited release of the sixth book in the Harry Potter series, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince! I pre-purchased my copy about a month ago and I'll be damned if I don't get it first thing tomorrow morning!

So, that leaves tomorrow evening. What activities are there left for me to do? Well, the Maskobalo happens to be on from 9:00 pm onwards. It's a Masquerade Ball and costuming should be tied in with Continuum 3's theme: creatures natural and unnatural. So, think gothic, fantastic, science fiction, medieval... this just happens to be right up my alley! Entrance is only $10 a person! How cheap is that!

You think that it's easy for me to say, "Yeah, I'll definitely go?" Nah! Not until I saw on the Continuum website that Doctor Who is touring Australia for the first time! The sixth and the seventh doctor will be onstage discussing with the audience what its like to be a timelord, view classic footage, and discuss several plots used in the show. Of course, this thing starts at 8 pm in a venue nowhere near where the Maskobalo is being held!

Arrrrggghhhh! Can you hear my frustration???

Probably the only event I'll be able to attend throughout this whole sci-fi convention thingy will be Neil Gaiman's book signing at the State Library on Monday. I'll just have to dig up all my Sandman comic books...


My friend Bec mentioned to me just this morning that a good friend of hers has a tattoo on her lower back. She wasn't able to describe the tattoo design to me in full detail, just that it came from a Neil Gaiman comic book - most likely Sandman. She said that when Neil Gaiman came to Melbourne a few years back, she got him to sign her lower back next to the tattoo. She got his signature tattooed on her the very same day! How cool is that? Needless to say, they became pretty good friends after that.

Neil contacted Bec's friend yesterday. They went for lunch together and Neil asked her to accompany him while he shopped for clothes. Since he just came from Manila where the weather was quite hot, he wasn't ready for Melbourne crisp and cold weather. Apparently, he looked a bit "grungy" so when he presented his AMEX platinum card, some of the shopkeepers looked at him funny. Then younger shopkeepers would recognize him and say "It's okay. He's Neil Gaiman, don't you know?"

That would have been a really neat thing to witness, I reckon.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Political travesty and other musings...

After a month long hiatus from reading Philippine news, I decided to bring up the Philippine Star webpage. Being an alumnus of O.B. Montessori, it has become a habit of mine to read this particular newspaper since I was in high school. It was required of us to buy the paper everyday (because the school president is married to the paper's editor-in-chief :p). I thought it was a total bore and a complete waste of time and money. Now that I'm older, I appreciate that the Philippine Star has a bevy of intelligent and reputable journalists that I enjoy reading. I especially enjoy reading the opinion columns because it's thought provoking and entertaining at the same time.

As I was going through the opinion columns, one thing struck me. Teodoro Benigno's column "Here's the Score" is not there. It completely slipped my mind that he passed away not so long ago. His column happens to be the one that I enjoy most. Mr. Benigno has a flare for language that one cannot easily find anymore. He came from a generation wherein patriots are people who really love their country and would do things for the greater good, not for their own personal gain. He came from a generation of gentlemen who are well-read, well-spoken, and well-educated. He came from a generation of free-thinkers and hardworkers. He came from a generation who, unfortunately, are down to their last numbers.

I respect the man. He was a journalist through and through. He epitomised the very essence of what a journalist should be: brave, in constant search for the truth, cannot be bought, and most especially, a defender of freedom.

I miss his wit, his candor, his humour. Max Soliven could never replace him, for there can never be another Teddy Benigno.


So, GMA is being called to resign from office. Does this mean that there will be another insurgency calling people out into the streets to force her out of office like what they did to Estrada? Does this mean that the constitutional process will be shoved away in a bin again?

How convenient.

The Philippines often prides itself of being a democratic country. Where is the democracy in this hoopla? Kick a president out if you're sick of them? In GMA's case, she has been accused of cheating during the previous elections. Fair enough, there is a reason as to why the people are angry. But, can't the Philippines for once try to solve this in the most democratic and legal way possible? Aren't the people in the government concerned as to how foolish the country looks like to the rest of the world?

Confused, apathetic, ang jaded.

With the way things are going back home, I cannot really blame the educated people trying desperately to leave the country. It just seems so hopeless.


Speaking of jaded, a huge percentile of the educated class in the Philippines are in a state of apathy. This is a huge concern. In my opinion, it's this group that make a huge difference in how the country is governed. If you have the intelligent people just living their own lives and just don't give a crap, then it's the uneducated masa that is going to take control. Gasp!

I don't mean to sound elitist or anything. From the way I see it, the masa are as jaded and apathetic as the educated class. In their point of view, whomever offers the most money to buy their vote will get the vote. Because of poverty, unemployment, and massive reproduction especially by the poor, the people in government feel that they could make a mockery out of the system that the country's forefathers has fought so hard for.

It is definitely a sick, sad world.

Monday, July 11, 2005

Manic Monday...

These are the days when you wish your bed is already made...
- The Bangles

On a Monday night, I find myself in front of the computer doing some light research (while I'm writing this :p). It's the first day of second semester, and our kindly lecturer has given us our first assignment. What a way to welcome us back from a month long break!

I found myself this morning leading a short-staffed team. There were only three of us doing the work of five people! Oh well, it'll be good since everybody will be really busy. No time for bludging.

The results of the first semester came out today. I got a Credit on both subjects - not very happy about it. My boss was happy though, so I shouldn't complain too much. To the people who may not know the circumstances behind my decision to study again, my company sent me to do a post graduate degree. This means that as long as I pass my subjects, they will gladly pay for my tuition and other miscellaneous fees. This also means that the company is looking at promoting me later on, thus giving me more money! And what fool says no to money, 'ey?

Last night, I found myself in the company of Arnie and friends at the ever popular Crown Casino, not for the gambling but for the delicious buffet dinner that the Conservatory is known for - a full seafood, asian, western, and dessert buffet for A$58.50. It was a bit steep, but it was worth it.

The weekend has been busy, full of fun activities. Today has also been busy, full of not-so fun activities. Between school and work on a Monday and Friday, sigh... only I would have classes in the beginning of the week and the start of the weekend. 4:30 - 7:30 pm on both classes. Sigh...

It's just the start of the week and I'm already dead tired. I wonder how the rest of the week would fare?

Friday, July 08, 2005

Friday night musings...

Very irregular of me to spend a Friday night at home when I could be in the darkroom at Club Retro dancing the night away. Arnie is away sick, the poor thing. He caught the flu and needed rest. I slept over his place last night, braving it regardless of the fact that I could very well catch whatever bug he has. I already had the flu a month ago and I think it is highly unlikely of me to catch it again.

Anyway, the nights have become colder. It has become quite unbearable to walk down the city and enjoy the sights. Now, it has become a matter of rushing off to the nearest shop to thaw out or into a coffee shop to warm up. Being a creature of habit, I went to the city anyway after work. I needed to relax. I had quite a taxing day at work. I mentioned a few posts back that one of my staff tendered her resignation. The reasons behind it weren't pleasant. She was sick and was going to undergo a major operation. She felt that she can no longer be a full time employee because of this, that she had to concentrate on getting better. Fair enough, her health is more important over anything else. It was her last day today and my team were sad to see her go. We started in the company at the same time and she just seemed to be one of those type of employees who would stay in the place forever. Well, just shows how wrong I was to make that assumption.

So, I went to the city after work. Arnie met me regardless of his condition. We had dinner, each of us having a heaping serve of Chinese noodle soup. We did some window shopping. I finally checked out the prices of a Burberry bag and wallet that I have had my eye on for yonks! Hopefully in a couple of weeks, I'll have it in my pretty little hands! I got a grande Chai Tea Latte and Arnie got a Caramel Mocha from Starbucks. It just made walking down the city streets so much more bearable. I bought him the DVD of Star Wars: Attack of the Clones, the only one in the series he doesn't have - aside from Sith, of course. The price dropped from A$41 to A$15!

We were heading to the car to get home (this was around 8:00pm) when a woman who was well-dressed and rather well-spoken asked us for money because her car ran out of petrol. She proceeded to tell us a rather elaborate story of how she was driving from work to get home then her car just conked out, how she went to a petrol station to fill up the car when she saw that her wallet was also stolen along the way (and she has no idea how this happened), and how she went to the police for help and that they actually offered to drive her home, only that she could not leave her car where she parked it (it was a hospital zone) because it will get towed and she will end up having a $400 bill for it. Whew!

We didn't give her any money.

Why? Well, it's not that she didn't look unreliable or anything like that. It's just that nowadays, you never know what these people will use the money for. She may not look like a druggie, but there has been recent rather disturbing reports that most women professionals who are addicted to crack/cocaine do not look like your everyday druggie. Scary!

Besides, any responsible car owner won't be stupid enough to let their fuel gauge run that low.


For the past three years, I have endeavoured to make myself lead a healthy lifestyle. After my staff member's health problems and my other staff member's cancer scare, it made me look at how well I take care of myself.

As much as I am a regular gym goer and the fact that I have not smoked a cigarette for a good three years, I am ashamed to say that I have not gone to a doctor to get checked up on ANYTHING for the past 6 years! Well, that is excluding dental work. Those I really have to get done!

The last medical checkup I had was when I applied for my migration visa all those years ago.

Pitiful, absolutely pitiful.

Note to self: arrange doctor's appointment IMMEDIATELY!

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Video of the week 6

I dedicate this week's video to birthday boy David.

Garbage is one of those bands that came out during the grunge explosion of the 90s that still remains as good as when they first started. I have a huge crush on Shirley Manson, the lead singer of the group.

This for you, Dave. I know how much you adore Garbage!


I'm living without you
I know all about you

I have run you down into the ground
Spread disease about you over town

I used to adore you
I couldn't control you
There was nothing that I wouldn't do
To keep myself around and close to you

Do you have an opinion?
A mind of your own?
I thought you were special
I thought you should know
But I've run out of patience
I couldn't care less


Do you have an opinion?
A mind of your own?
I thought you were special
I thought you should know

I used to amuse you
I knew that I'd lose you
Now you're here and begging for a chance
But there's no way in hell I'd take you back

Do you have an opinion?
A mind of your own?
I thought you were special
I thought you should know
But I've run out of patience
I've run out of comments
I'm tired of the violence
I couldn't care less

I'm looking for a new [4x]

We were the talk of the town [4x]

I thought you were special [4x]

From the album Version 2.0

Happy Birthday David!

To my bestest bud... Happy 24th birthday! How I wish I was there in Manila to celebrate with you and our friends.

David and I have known each other since we were kids. Well, I knew he was around school but he was three batches lower than I was so I didn't really pay that much attention. We became friends when he was in first year high school and I was in fourth year. Ours is a 11-year long friendship. We had our ups and downs, heartbreaks, misunderstandings, but we remained close. Regardless of distance, I still consider him as one of my closest and dearest friends.

Best wishes my dear mate! I love you heaps! >kiss, kiss<

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Realisations of a Migrant

Rant Alert!

There are times amidst the hectic life I lead that I sometimes ponder on how different I have become from the person I was when I first migrated to this country 5 years ago. Gone was the uncertainty that I felt or the awkwardness. In its place is confidence and security with oneself. I remember going back to Manila for a holiday 2 years after I migrated. Whenever friends or relatives asked me how life is like overseas, I always said "I feel like I've grown ten years older."

I may be exaggerating but in reality that is how I felt. Trying to make your mark in a foreign country is quite difficult, mind you. The dollars don't come poring in the bucket load nor they just grow on trees for everyone to come and help themselves. You want money? You have to work - HARD - and believe me, you have never worked hard in your life until you've worked overseas.

It's not just the work. It's the whole mindset of the culture that makes you change. I have realised upon setting foot in this country that Filipinos of my generation are, unfortunately, very shallow. I know I may be generalising with this statement, but raise your hand if you happen to know a person who does NOT possess one of these traits:

1. MUST have the latest mobile phone

2. Brand label of clothing is very important even if it's expensive and you clearly cannot afford it

3. MUST have Starbucks even if it's ridiculously expensive and you clearly cannot afford it

4. MUST have the latest technological gadgetry and it is essential to show it off, even if you cannot afford it

5. Girls - a boyfriend with a car is a MUST

6. Boys - a girlfriend who is a virgin is a MUST

7. Wearing glasses is so nerdy and should not be considered especially if you are in your 20's

8. Wearing clothes that are different is wrong

Let me elaborate on each point.

Point number 1 - Jesus! Mobile phones in the Philippines costs around $35,000, even more! That is a lot of money considering wages are only P250 a day. Mate, save your money and pay the bills! I'm sure that 90% of the time, the money used to pay for the said phone is utang. It's just a freaking phone! Besides, you don't use it for phone calls anyway. You spent all your money on the blasted phone that you don't have enough money to buy a charge card so all you can afford is SMS messaging. Figures!

Point number 2 - I have to admit that I love labels myself, but I refuse to fall into the trap of buying them even if I cannot afford it. I recognise that labels produce better quality clothing, but in a country like the Philippines where it can get really uncomfortably hot, it doesn't matter what you wear. You'll just sweat anyway! Now, because people are so adamant to own brand labels, they resort to buying 1st class fakes. Not only are you ripping off the economy by doing that, but you also look stupid when you're totting a fake Louis Vuitton bag. Don't fall into the trap of buying fakes just to look "cool." If you want the damn thing, then save up for it! Or better yet, put your money into a savings account and watch it grow.

Point number 3 - Ah, Starbucks. I don't mind it, but I like Coffee Bean better. Here in the good ol' Oz, we are quite lucky that we have numerous cafes that we can have coffee wherever and whenever we want. We are not limited to just one or two places. Now, Starbucks is a revolution in the Philippines. I have never seen a place where people are queueing up by the numbers just to get a cuppa and a place where it is filled with people who drink their coffees in the slowest possible manner! What is this? A business meeting or a student project discussion perhaps? No? All for bloody show that's what! Oh, look at me! I'm drinking Starbucks coffee/Frappucino. So fucking what? It's just coffee! My fucking espresso maker makes better coffee that they do! Besides, a huge number of the population are not in the position to pay P150 pesos for coffee.

Point number 4 - I love gadgets. If I could, I'd buy the latest IBook, buy a 40gig iPod and a Bose speaker to replace my sound system, and the latest imaging software. Oh, and also a professional 7mp digital camera! But I can't! Because I cannot afford! Well, tell that to the idiots who insist on buying these things even if they are paying through the nose just to get it, possibly getting into so much debt and maxing out their credit cards. Of course, don't forget to show it off! I'll just be in the sidelines laughing my arse off if and when it gets stolen.

Point number 5 - You want a car girl? Get your fucking own and hire a driver!

Point number 6 - If you want a virgin, then stop trying to sleep with every girl you meet! These are the kind of men that I'd love to kill. You want a virgin? Go to a nunnery! You might get lucky. Oh, and mate, if you find a woman who is 25 or older and insists they're virgins? It could be one of three things:
a. They're nuns
b. They're totally fugly or;
c: They're lying!

Point number 7 - When I went back to Manila for a holiday, my relatives and friends were shocked to see me wear glasses. I have always worn them, but before I could get away with removing them and just use them for reading. Now, I'm blind. I can't drive/work/read without them. I got asked the question, "Do you really have to wear that ALL the time?" Well, duh! This is probably my most hated comment. So what if I wear glasses? I felt like I was in high school, getting teased for being a "nerd" because of my eyewear. Well, you don't like it? I'm not forcing you to like it, but don't pass judgement on me just because I happen to wear this so-called "accessory" you insist I don't really need. Well, I hope that when the day comes that I am stupid enough to listen to you, you happen to be crossing the street while I'm driving and then I'll run you over... just because you insist that I should not look nerdy!

Point number 8 - Uniqueness is discouraged. How fucked up is that? I love dressing up, being different and stylish at the same time. I love mixing and matching different eras, and at the moment I love the 80s preppy look and the Boy London look. I often get compliments because of it too. If Filipinos want to stick to their post-Nirvana American style, then go ahead! But don't try telling me that you're cool, because according to the rest of the world you ain't!

It is unfortunate that living in a foreign country makes you see all the unpleasantness surrounding your home country. I wish I can do something to make things better but nobody can help these people but themselves. The Philippines has the potential to be great, if only the people stop concentrating on the most banal issues and just concentrate on helping out the ailing nation.

I really wish I can have this life back in the Philippines where I am close to my friends and family. At the same time, I know that I have to be practical. If I want to have a comfortable life for myself and for my future family, I have to make a sacrifice and leave. Thus, I am here for good.

I just hope that when I go back, I wouldn't have to write too many bad things about my trip upon my return and rather focus on the positives...

Monday, July 04, 2005

Monday blues...

Sir Bob is right...

I don't like Mondays.

It started with a sour note. One of my staff members tendered her resignation. The poor thing has been taking a lot of sick leave days because she hasn't been well. It turns out that she had a couple of minor operations (for reasons, she cannot disclose the nature of her illness) and it had not helped at all. It has taken a serious turn that she had to give up full time work for awhile.

Health is definitely wealth. You never know when your body is going to betray you. I try my darnest to eat healthy, get some regular exercise, and basically maintain my current clean living - that is, not smoking and low consumption of alcohol.

Work has been busy as well. It turns out that the company has signed up a new customer and that my department will be looking after its daily service. Fantastic! More work, less people. My department has been over-staffed for the past six months anyway. This is good news!

I have spent some time on the internet as well looking for a house to buy with Arnie. We both have agreed on moving to the north of Melbourne, since my mum lives in the west and his parents live in the east. We have to compromise. The north is right in the middle, close to both our parents' houses.

Went to the gym after work. I reckon I had a great workout - 20 minutes on the treadmill, 1500 meters on the rower, weights, lats, leg press, abdominal exercises - the works! I wish I brought my bathers so that I could have hit the spa afterwards.

I am feeling quite sleepy but I'm still waiting for Arnie to call me. He's become a real gym junkie and usually spends at least 3 hours there! Well, I'm not complaining. He's turning out to be a real hunkie :p

Off to get some strawberries and watch Big Brother Uncut...

Sunday, July 03, 2005

I salute you Sir Bob!

How I wish I was in London, that I was one of the people to have had the once in a lifetime opportunity to have watched Live 8.

Australia's Channel 9 is doing an exclusive coverage of the concert and I'm currently watching it. I have heard the highlights on the radio all day today. Pink Floyd is now playing, reunited for this time, for this cause, playing "Wish You Were Here." It just sends chills down my spine!

My respect for Sir Bob has grown triple fold. He is the best man for the job. To have been so moved back in the day when the famine in Ethiopia was at its peak, to endeavour gathering the biggest UK artists in the 80's to keep aside differences (especially in the case of Simon Le Bon and Boy George) and produce the daggiest Christman song ever made, and to make sure that every cent goes to the famine relief, is a job made for somebody with conviction, conscience, and most importantly, a heart.

It was a great day for music and for the poverty stricken people in need of help from the world's richest. If Bill Gates could easily part with a few billions, the G8 could surely do something!

Regardless of what other people say, Sir Bob, you are a hero in my eyes. I am sure that this generation can be great and contribute to the end of poverty.

I salute you!

Friday, July 01, 2005

Live 8

You may have noticed the addition to my blog template - the Make Poverty History white band. In today's world, we have a chance to be the first generation to be able to put a stop to poverty and hunger. In July 6, the G8 convention wherein the 8 leaders of the richest nations in the world will gather in Scotland. They have the power to put a stop to the needless death of 30,000 children a day because of poverty.

Sir Bob Geldoff, the person behind Live Aid (was originally formed for the famine relief in Ethiopia), is in full force communicating to the world the need to help this brilliant cause. Ten concerts, 100 artists, ten different countries... all united for one cause.

Live 8 starts tomorrow. If you are able to watch or even listen to it on the radio, please do so. Grab a white band and show your support. Let us take some time off our comfortable lives and help a little. Take part of this once in a lifetime show - in Sir Bob's words, "the greatest concert ever."