Monday, October 10, 2005

Confessions of a shopaholic part 3 - Engagement Party countdown

Now I'm in deep shit! My promise of not buying anything for at least a whole month was thrown out of the window by my maniacal spree yesterday in Chadstone, the biggest shopping mall in the Southern Hemisphere. I have spent an astounding $1,200 dollars on a full outfit - cami, skirt, bag, belt, scarf, suede shoes, and hair clip - from one of the best Australian designers, Alannah Hill.

Now, people who have known me all my life would know that they will NEVER see me in anything girly/flowery/flowy. This entire outfit screams everything that I would never wear! Too girly, too flowery, too flowy. Alannah Hill is known for her very feminine clothing and accessories. The thing that I most love about her clothes is the whole vintage feel and look that you get from her styles. The materials and details that she puts into her designs are magic!

Gosh, this whole engagement thing has turned me into, gasp, a girl! Yikes!

Arnie has purchased his outfit as well - a blue-gray suit, a Kenneth Cole button down shirt and a pair of Steve Madden alligator print leather shoes. He will look absolutely smashing that night!

I am expecting friends and workmates alike to be shocked by my look that night. Be assured that I will be posting pictures of the night.


~*galenlondeien*~ said...

Can't wait for the pics! :)

Kiko said...

Why are you gasping when you're about to turned into a full-fledged woman? ^_o
(all anti-girly girly types feel this way hehe)