Wednesday, February 07, 2007

A Sydney affair 1

I have been assigned by our National Operations Director to be in Sydney for the next two weeks to scope our Active File operations in one of the sites we bought out. So far, so good. Four Filipinos work in the department and they are quite friendly and helpful with what I need.

I am staying at the Holiday Inn close to the airport. A colleague of mine from America is staying at the Pacific International in the city and we have been meeting up for dinner for the past couple of days.

I've been known to bag Sydney being the stauch Melbournite that I am. After a few days of not just concentrating on work but on spending time with a work friend, I am getting a feel for it and am beginning to like it, believe it or not. I am still a Melbournite at heart, but this Sassy Melbournite takes off it's hat to the wonderful seafood Sydney has to offer in Chinatown and the fantastic Angus Beef Rib-eye steak I had in the Meat & Wine Co. at the harbour.

And if you ever visit, please try the Thai Traditional Massage at Body Relax located on the 18th Floor of the Pacific International Apartments in George Street. Excellent service, excellent ambience, and fantastic Jasmine Tea.

I am planning to go for a little stroll around the city tomorrow and soak up the sites. Late night shopping is calling! And I will definitely post some pictures...

Till next time!

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Jerome aka Bridget Jones said...

oh you wicked, wicked witch! you made me drool with the thought of Sydney food! hahahahaha! hoy, ang figure ha? don't blow up like me. hahahaha!

as for the latest harry potter movie, i can't wait, mare! believe it or not, before Feb. 1, I havent watched a single harry potter movie! but when i saw the trailer, i bought the four films and watched it in 2 days. wasnt disappointed at all! now i am waiting in anticipation.

as for daniel radcliffe taking a dark, more mature role, it's about time. it would be a shame for him not to be able to veer away from being harry potter ala jennifer holliday who will always be identified as effie jones belting out "and i am telling you" until she dies. or sarah jessica parker who is being referred to as carrie bradshaw whenever she walks the streets of new york. devah?

missed ya, sistah! hugs and kisses!