Monday, May 21, 2007

Kiss and tell... the final chapter

So, part 3 accounts for all of my relationships previous to my current one.

One thing is for sure, this one is the best of all!

Lawrence Arnold Estrada - Arnie to his Aussie friends, Lawrence or Oren to family and friends, Banee to moi :)

Well, we actually first got introduced through an ex-friend/workmate of mine. My blog readers would probably be familiar with the complete story of how that whole relationship with the ex-friend went but for those who are not, check it out here.

To cut the long story short, Arnie and I started talking over the phone first and got to know each other a little better. The funny thing is that the first thing we found that we've got in common is our taste in music - would you believe, Metallica?!? Hahaha!

We decided to meet up and have dinner somewhere. We felt the attraction from the start and found so many other things that we liked about each other. Sparks flew, and here we are now, 7 years down the track, happily engaged, and about to get married.

Going back to my younger years, I never would have thought that I would be meeting my future husband in Melbourne, let alone that he is also a Filipino. How amazing is that?

Arnie is someone whom you would not label a typical Filipino man. He cooks, he cleans, he does the laundry, he irons, he pampers me and he works really hard. He is very confident with himself and is not afraid to speak his mind. Being older than my 29 years (he's already 38), he has experienced so many things that has left him wiser and more mature than any man my age. I have never met anyone like him. He makes me very happy and content with everything that I have now. He is my rock, my support system aside from my mum, and is someone that I am sure will stick by me till the end of our days.

I love this man so much and I am so excited about the wedding!

10 more months to go...


On that note, our wedding website is now up for viewing! Please feel free to have a look around and constantly check it out for updates. I will be placing a permanent link on my sidebar.

Cheers and have a great week!

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