Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Finally... a Labor government!

I have never been a keen follower of politics nor am I a political scrooge by any sense.

But I have to be honest by saying that this past election has turned me into a raving, opinionated, political activist.

First off, let me just say that I am extremely happy with the results of the last Federal election. Kevin Rudd, leader of the Australian Labor Party for only a short 50 weeks, has been successful in winning the most coveted seat of Prime Minister when Labor leaders before him (Simon Beazley and Mark Latham) failed to do so. And may I add, it's about bloody time that someone knocked John Howard off his high horse!

I am by no means a member of the ALP (although I am seriously thinking about doing so). I dislike politicians in general. But Kevin Rudd's policies addresses modern issues such as climate change, broadband, improvement in education and the health system, multiculturalism and of course, abolishing the dreaded Workchoices (IR) laws. Anything that threatens to destroy the livelihood and working conditions of the common working man is absolutely appalling.

So Kevin Rudd is now Prime Minister-elect. Julia Gillard, MP for Lalor, is his Deputy-Prime Minister - the first woman ever to hold such a high seat of power in Australian politics. I will now see what Mr. Rudd does. The "education revolution", signing of the Kyoto Protocol, and formal apology to the Australian Aborigine people are the issues that I am closely looking at.

These are definitely exciting times and truly a new era for Australia.

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