Thursday, May 07, 2009

Snacking with a difference

I am an avid snacker. It's a very bad habit that I have acquired since I was a kid. I snack between meals and this drives my mum mad! The older I get the hungrier I seem. I do not believe in diets, except for the sea-food diet which I am an avid fan of - when I "sea" food, I eat it. Hahaha!

In a city like Melbourne, one is spoilt for choice. A snacker like myself has a vast amount of different sorts of goodies to choose from - from healthy options like sushi rolls for $2.00, a slice of pizza for $1.00, or an oh-so-naughty Krispy Kreme donut.

One of my favourite places to go to when I feel like snacking is the David Jones Food Hall. The place caters to a slightly different clientele - the sort who likes snacking on a tail of lobster and half a dozen oysters at 3:00pm. But don't be fooled by the seeming upper class feel of the place, for David Jones Food Hall has a lot of very affordable goodies available to everyday working people like you and moi.

My favourite before dinner snack, a strawberry-topped Evia Vanilla Yoghurt for $5.50

A wide selection of fresh salads, for very reasonable prices!

The freshest seafood - look at the size of the oysters and lobsters!

Different yoghurt fruit toppings!

At the Butcher section - lamb chops, steaks, sausages, the works!

Different flavoured meat pies at the Delicatessen. My favourite is Steak Pepper Pie!

Nuts about nuts!

A wide variety for wine connoisseurs!

I love couscous. My favourite is the Pumpkin. Yummers!

Every beer brew from every country, take your pick!
David Jones Food Hall
David Jones Bourke Street Mall
310 Bourke Street
Melbourne 3000

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