Sunday, February 26, 2006

The Philippines has always been in a state of emergency...

The country has all the trapings of a disaster waiting to happen - poverty has risen considerably in the past 20 years, the TRAPOS are still in power, and the blatant misuse of "constitutional rights" of its citizens. How in the world is the country going to pick itself up?

GMA's announcement left fear in the hearts of men and women who were around during the reign of the great Macoy. Fair enough. FVR made a valid comment that it was during Cory's reign that should have prompted the ex-president to declare a state of emergency - having had 9 coup attempts at the time. GMA's announcement just tells me that it is her way of eliminating critics, not because of what proclamation 1017 really is about - there has been no proof whatsoever that a coup was staged at all.

Isn't this reminiscent of what Macoy's reasons were behind declaring Martial Law? That there were people planning to unlawfully overthrow the government and were getting innocent civilians harmed along the way?

I find the whole thing really funny. In my opinion, this is nothing but a plot to hold on to power that has obviously gotten into GMA's head. The real patriots have up and died, and no politician in power today acts because of their love for the country. Greed is the mother of all evil. GMA's father must be rolling in his grave.

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