Monday, March 06, 2006

My Gold Coast holiday part 3

The last day of my holiday was by far the most exciting and the most fun I have had. Arnie and I started the day off again with a hearty breakfast. This time, he was the only one who went for a swim before breakfast since I wanted to sleep in a bit.

We dressed quite lightly. I had my bathers underneath my clothes while Arnie brought his in a light carry bag. We were both quite looking forward to swimming later in the afternoon. So, off we went on the bus and headed off to Seaworld.

It was surprisingly close to Surfers Paradise. It was right along the water, next to the famed Palazzo Versace, close to the Mirage Marina, and the famous Sea World Nara Resort.

Check out the pictures below and enjoy.

Outside Seaworld

Checking out the penguins

A real life "Sirenia" otherwise known as a Dugong

At Shark Bay

Arnie at awe with the huge Bull Shark

Cool but icky looking Manta Rays lazing about under the sun

Cute polar bear enjoying some chicken

Outside Dolphin Cove

Arnie and I waiting for the Dolphin show to start


"We're flippin' little dolphins!"

Taken at the seal show titled "Quest for the Golden Seal"

Cute and smart creatures, seals...

After all the attractions, it's time to cool off :)

Fell in love with the Dugong that I had to get me one of these :)

The whole trip was fun. Arnie and I enjoyed it so much. We can't wait to go back. As a matter of fact, we have plans of going back for our 6th year anniversary in September! Can't wait!

Next: back to our regular programme...

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