Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Daniel love 2

At the risk of getting Harry Potter fans' parents angry, here is another pic I saw from the promotional shots of Equus. I lifted the photo and caption from today's Sydney Morning Herald.

Daniel Radcliffe and Joanne Christie are seen in the stage play Equus.
Photo: Reuters

I can't believe that some parents think that Daniel's parents have made a grave mistake by allowing their son to take on this wonderfully mature and dark role. Please, give the boy a break. He's an actor for crying out loud! Some people are so hypocritical. Kids nowadays have sex in such an early age. I believe we should educate them rather than hide them behind rose-coloured lenses. Daniel is no longer a child. He is a 17-year old who is turning 18 - a young adult - in a few months. We should congratulate Daniel on his efforts to grow as an artist. I don't want him to turn to another Macaulay Culkin!

As for me, allow me to drool... for a second or two before I get jailed for mentally molesting a minor :p


jher said...

jennie dont worry i will just join you in jail for the same offense. hahahahah

Jennie said...

I wonder where that trail of hair on his stomach leads? Argh!

kat said...

I think it's an impressive move. Aside from the role being a challenge, this shows that he can break off from the image that he's gotten as Harry Potter. If I were an artist I wouldn't want to be known forever as 'that kid who played...' and nothing else. Of course, I wouldn't want to be known as 'that kid who played... then went naked' either ^_^ so I hope he gets more projects that'll show off his versatility as an actor.

Much like JK should start writing something else aside from Harry Potter, but then, that's my opinion. :)