Thursday, June 14, 2007

Soooo cold!!!

It's finally June and winter is definitely here. Gone are the sunny and lovely 20 degree days and in its place are chilly 3 - 5 degree mornings. Since moving with Arnie to our lovely little cottage-like house away from the Western suburbs (my house with mum) and closer to the mountains (in the leafy East), the cold seems to be more intense. This morning, when I was about to drive off for work, I saw my car covered with a thin layer of ice... I think it was about 2 degrees overnight!

When it's cold, it's so hard to be motivated to do anything. Going to the gym becomes a chore (I actually haven't gone for a week because of a cold). Getting out of bed gets harder. Even my dogs are finding it difficult to move around in the morning! I feel sorry for Arnie because he starts early in the morning and has to brave the cold. I have the luxury of an extra half hour while the heater does its thing.

As much as I love Melbourne, Melbourne winters are nothing to sneeze at. It's gloomy, it drains your energy, and leaves you unable to do anything but stay underneath the covers.

For the next three months, I am resigned to wearing scarves, thick jumpers, and closed shoes or boots. It's the only way to battle the cold.

I guess I have an excuse to check out the sales and scout for new turtlenecks and leather gloves :)

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