Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Psychedelic flashback

Got inspired by Vayie's post about MTV...

Do you guys remember this song?

Don't you just love it?

How about this one?

And who can possibly forget this one?

Psychedelic Furs is one of those bands that a Filipino growing up during that incomparable era (the 80s of course) will possibly first mention when asked about new wave music. They first emerged as a post-punk band but ended up making albums with a more "pop-bent" to it with biting vocals and fantastic droning guitar work.

Hope you enjoyed that short blast from the past and who knows? I might find some other gems...

1 comment:

Vayie said...

I miss MTV - Without Punk'd, Boiling Point, Wild Boyz, The Crib...etc. Just the music videos!