Monday, August 13, 2007

Been given a dose of The Cure

What can one say when one's childhood dreams have come to life?

In my case, I took out the 14-hole Docs, wore black nail polish, lipstick, and black eyeshadow, and teased my hair to an untidy mop. I carefully chose my clothing and decided on black tights, black shorts, a black button-down short sleeved military style shirt and a white tie. And of course, I danced and sang like a maniac. Hahaha!

The so-called "Grandfathers of Goth", the masters of all things "doom and gloom", and my most favourite band of all time, The Cure, had a one-night-only-show last night in Melbourne at the Rod Laver Arena. Arnie, his brother Rey, and I had really good seats that we could clearly see Jason, Simon, Porl, and Robert's features. It was a sea of black, bad hairstyles, and posers (some of the teenyboppers anyway). It was a mixed crowd to say the least but it was the loyal fans (people 30 years and up) that dominated.

What can I say? I was blown away, of course! Here is a band whose music I've grown up with and their songs are a huge part of my life. It was three hours of non-stop Cure goodness. No yucky starter line-ups. It was all Cure and the fans absolutely loved it.

They played the obscure and the popular. I was pleasantly surprised to hear them play "Primary", "One Hundred Years", "Shake Dog Shake", "How Beautiful You Are", and half of the Three Imaginary Boys' album - "Boys Don't Cry", "Three Imaginary Boys", "Jumping Someone Else's Train", "Grinding Halt", and "Killing An Arab", which of course Robert had to change to "Killing Another" due to the current political climate.

Of course, they played the show stoppers - "Inbetween Days", "Close To Me", "Why Can't I Be You?", "Lullaby", "Friday I'm In Love", "A Night Like This", and of course, Arnie and I's theme song, "Lovesong" - I have to admit that I was teary eyed when they played it.

They also played heaps of tracks from the Kiss Me album. Kinda says something about Robert's current mood I guess.

I just love Robert Smith to bits. He looks like an adorable overgrown rag doll. He's so gorgeous!

I am so happy to have been able to attend such an extraordinary event. I don't know when this will happen again, but it is definitely a night to remember!

Most notable moments?

  • When they played "Primary", I noticed that Simon Gallup's current hairstyle resembles his hairstyle in this song's music video. That's going back 26 years ago!!!
  • Robert Smith is so cute doing his signature "mini-jig" ala "Lovecats"
  • They did not play "A Forest"! ARGH!!!
  • Porl looks like Billy Corgan... hmmm...
  • Robert looked at me when he looked at our direction! I was waving my arms around like a mad-woman! Hahaha!


Paul said...

HI! I came across your site while searching for some feedback on last night and have to say that I loved it too, a great night! Thought Robert's voice was excellent! Didn't want it to end... and yes! I was hoping for "A Forest" too! ARGH!!! X 2. Cheers!

Vayie said...

I'm jealous forever...

ladybug said...

Wow! Hahaha...sana may pics. :-D

Jerome aka Bridget Jones said...

OH MY GOSH! I had my share of punk moments. I just love the fact that we have the 80's for our memories.

ck said...

ey, jennie, missed the cure. i think they were also here in singapore. i should have gone! it's probably not up your alley but rufus wainwright is having an aussie tour. he's my fave singer hands down and i just bought myself tickets to the concert (in jan!) and a round-trip ticket to sydney. he's also going to melbourne.