Friday, September 28, 2007

To sleep perchance to dream...

From Hamlet by William Shakespeare

Talk about whacked out dreams!

Last night was a classic in my "wet dreams gone weird" book...

I have been a huge fan of Doctor Who since the series has been resurrected to the hip and uber-sexy show that it is now. I also have a huge crush on David Tennant.

Could you take a guess at what my dream is about?

Well, I happen to be the Doctor's companion and we were starting to discover romantic feelings for each other!

We were having a quick bite to eat while we were in 1970s England. He told me that whilst he won't be able to live the rest of my life with me (being almost immortal), it doesn't stop him from falling in love with me. I told him that from the moment that I accepted his offer of being his travel companion, I'm his. He was about to kiss me when I was suddenly jolted awake by the joint snores of Arnie and my pug Meeko.

Grrrrr..... I was so tempted to knock Arnie on the back of his head. Here I was about to pash David Tennant, for crying out loud!

Perchance I dream again of my dear Doctor? Here's hoping...

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