Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Back from the brink...

I know, I have been away for sometime. It's been madness - work and life - and it has gotten in the way of updating this blog.

My apologies.

So, what have I been up to?

Well, wedding plans are starting to come into fruition. Invitations that are being mailed overseas have been sent to me and are on their way to the people we've invited. I have an appointment with bridal dressmaker to try on the dress that I saw on the shop's website. I have fallen in love with the dress and can't wait to put it on!

We have already picked up our wedding rings and it's now safely hidden in my closet (gotta remember to bring up the contents insurance - AGAIN!). I picked out a very simple 18k white gold band while Arnie got a two-tone 18k wedding band that is thicker and chunkier - suits his huge fingers.

What else? Oh, I got my wedding shoes! eBay is an absolute god send. Instead of paying around $200 for a pair of shoes that I'm only going to be wearing once, I got this beautiful ivory pair from England for only $67 and that already includes postage!

What else is new? I am now totally addicted to make-up. Recently, I bought a couple of eyeshadow pallets and lipstick from Clinique, Radiant Illuminator and lipstick from YSL, and am planning to buy another lipstick from Clinique and an eyeshadow pallet from YSL. Jesus, at age 29 and am only starting to like make-up??? Talk about a late bloomer! Hahaha!


So, what's in my bag? (Got this from Vayie)

It really depends on which I bag I'm using. If I have my big Burberry bag, this is what I usually have:

  • Burberry Nova Check Wallet

  • My mobile phone (Nokia N70)

  • Black iPod Video

  • Body Shop Almond Oil Hand & Nail Cream

  • Estee Lauder Powder Make-Up

  • hair brush

  • car keys

  • house keys

  • Clinique quickliner for lips Pink Truffle

  • Clinique lipstick Perfect Plum

  • YSL Rouge Pure Shine Sheer Lipstick Frosted Fig

  • Chupa Chups Strawberry and Cream

  • Vicks Butter Menthol

  • Parker pen

  • Medication (for my facet joints)

How about you? What do you have in your bag?


kat said...

Yay! Welcome back! :D Glad to know your wedding plans are going great. I'm pretty excited for you two!

Well, if you're a late bloomer when it comes to make-up, then I guess there's hope for me yet :D

galenlondeien said...

Wow! Getting ready for the big day huh? Congratulations and best wishes in advance! :)