Monday, March 28, 2005

Bourke Street

Bourke Street is one of the main streets located in the heart of Melbourne. It is also probably one of the most frequented streets in the city for it is laden with malls, shops, and of course, Melbourne's tram rail.

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Bourke Street is also where the GPO is, now no longer a post office but a mall...

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And more malls and shops!

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Melbourne is definitely the fashion (and shopping!) capital of Australia...

That's why I'm eternally broke.... grrrr...

Unknown to Jennie's friends, in a struggle to keep her from bankruptcy, she works as a busker at night, usually in front of Myer, playing a single string guitar and sings "What A Feeling" heartily.


eLf ideas said...

Another April-Fool's joke? Ha-ha-ha.

By the way, thanks for the tip about the Web counter. I'm using it now, and it serves as a new source of inspiration for me because only now that I actually confirmed that many people visit my blog site.

Ha-ha-ha! The seLf-doubt in me.

Kiko said...

Wow, looks like london or france (with the train and all) hehehe