Saturday, April 09, 2005

No excuses...

I know it has been a good week since I last posted something in my blog/blogs. I thought I'd give myself a "mental health break". Between work, school, updating this blog, Arnie, Meeko, my friends, and mourning the Pope, (whose funeral was yesterday just in case people in caves don't know :p) I have barely enough time to scratch my arse!

I am trying my darnest to update this ASAP. I guess this short note is just an alert to everyone that I AM ALIVE! I am working on my latest post in my arts blog. Hopefully once I get my damn pictures uploaded into my PC, I'll post that entry by tomorrow night.

Cheers folks!

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eLf ideas said...

It happens. Ha-ha-ha! But as always, it returns after all--the fluidity to write.