Friday, April 22, 2005

Bi-curious, what?

Rant Alert!!!

Today, I started questioning and thinking about abandoning my tomboyish ways. I know that my friends may think that it is easier said than done, After all, in all my 27 years of existing, I have never been lady-like or girly, or whatever you call it. I have always been the tomboy of the family. I've been rather proud of it. I know that because of my boyishness, no man will try and take me for a fool and people will think that I can take care of myself. Also, because of my boyishness, I have made heaps of guy friends and rather intelligent girlfriends (none of those "valley girl" types). I think I should also mention that I also have heaps of gay friends and have absolutely no problem with homosexuality. I know that I should be happy because my boyishness is part of who I have become today.

Two weeks ago in university, while I was waiting for my class to start, I was hanging out with my friends outside the classroom. We were all sitting on the floor along the corridor. While I was leaning against the wall with my knees tucked close to my chest (in pure unlady-like fashion :p), a girl of asian descent looked at me and smiled. I smiled back, thinking nothing of it. And then... she winked at me! A real, flirtateous wink at that! I blinked. Can you imagine my surprise?

Bloody hell... I have had my share of girls trying to flirt with me back when I was doing my bachelor degree 8 years ago. But this was the first that I have encountered such a bold attempt! I have talked to Arnie about this and he just laughed the whole thing of. I asked him if I look like a lesbian to him. He did say that people may get that impression because of my boyishness. Maybe I should try to act slightly lady-like.

Well, when I wear dresses, I don't act like a tomboy. I may not be as graceful as some girls out there, but I do know how to behave. Honestly, am I supposed to act like a freakin' model in school or something? My point is, I am not trying to attract men out there and act all giggly/girly/silly just to assert the fact that I ain't gay.

Jennie has always been known as a big tomboy and I don't think I should change just because some chick flirted with me. I'll just have to straighten out any misunderstanding I guess...


eLf ideas said...

Worry not; I can sense that your transformation will be gradual and graceful. You're right--we need not change ourselves just because of such petty issues; however, such trivialities will inevitably affect us one way or another...just like how it affects you know.

My point is, take it as something to consider but don't take it seriously. The mere fact that you took notice of're on your way to a transformation...a good one.

Kiko said...

Hmm.. it's a good thing it didn't take another person to bring that matter up to you - you realized something for yourself. However I really don't think it's a big deal at all (your ways - coz that's the real you).

And remember, as long as you feel the voice inside you is saying that it's right, that's all there is to it. Don't give up your tomboyish ways for the wrong reasons.

But hey, if that asian babe likes you and you like her, you might reconsider, hehehe [ I'm speechless, you don't only attract guys -- girls as well! ]

Jennie said...

Remember Tin-tin, Kiko? She was an "almost" girlfriend. If I wasn't dating Elvin back then... >sigh<

kat said...

There are some really um, girly girls who are lesbians. It doesn't always follow that you're tomboyish in action you're tomboy in your preferences. Right? Still, if she does make an approach, you can always turn her down. ^_^

Kiko said...

Tin-tin!! Wow grabe.. ganda ganda nun ah hehehe. Curious lang.. What was your reaction back then when she brought it up?