Thursday, April 14, 2005

Melbourne International Comedy Festival

Finally got my finger out of my arse... I feel like after the excellent experience I had last night, I should be posting more regularly now. I am back with a vengeance!

Get your dirty mind out of the gutter... it wasn't that kind of an experience (although I wished it was... hahaha)... ahem... Melbourne International Comedy Festival! Every year, hundreds of comedians from all over the world gather in Melbourne and endeavour to make us Melbournites piss our pants with laughter. I was fortunate to watch one comedian whom I've wanted see for such a long time but never got the chance (read: all shows are sold out! Grrrr...). Luckily, I was able to snatch the last two tickets to his special show at the Melbourne Town Hall. Introducing (to those who don't know him)... Danny Bhoy!!!

Image hosted by He's a 24 year-old half Scottish, half Indian bloke who's been the comedy circuit since 1998. He had sold out shows in the Edinburgh festival, London, and three years of shows in the Melbourne International Comedy Festival made him a household name. Some even dub him "the next Billy Connolly." I guess that fits... he's a bloke, he's scottish, and well, he's crude!

Here's a sample joke:

"I was the only coloured in kid in school and I remember on my first day, there was this kid who was the school bully. He was huge with red hair, freckles, and was wearing an incredible hulk t-shirt. He started pushing me and said, 'get away from here! I hate coloured people!'"

"... and I said, 'then why are you wearing a shirt with a green man on it?'"

Hahahahaha.... I'm still in stitches!

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