Saturday, December 03, 2005

My HP day...

Finally saw Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire this morning at 9:30 first showing, thinking the cinema won't be filled with mad kids. To my dismay, the cinema was packed not with young kids who tend to be quiet throughout the movie because of awe but by teenagers all gushing at how cute Harry/Ron/Viktor/Cedric are!


Well, aside from that annoying little tidbit I have only two words to describe the film: Ruddy brilliant!

Like, wow! I agree that there are so many deviations from the book but the story telling was amazing. I especially enjoyed Mad Eye Moody's characterisation. I thought he was an absolute riot! Ralph Fiennes played an excellent Voldemort. He always played very good evil roles.

Daniel is growing up to be oh-la-la. Gosh, I've always had a weakness for the dark hair and blue eyes. Sheesh! Too bad he's jail bait! Hahahahahaha!

As I always said to my friends, I'm waiting for him to turn 20 and then he'll be free game! Bwahahahahahaha!

Anyway, it was very entertaining. The humour, the slight innuendo, and the obvious raging of hormones was a very good change from the "children's book movie version" concept that the past three films have had. Fair enough, the characters are growing up and they should be portrayed as such - Hermione talking about Viktor being more "physical" than the talking-to-a-girl kind of guy (the look Harry was giving her when she was saying this was so funny), Harry blubbering in front of Cho, and Ron showing mad jealousy towards Viktor and Hermione. I also thought Hagrid trying to grope Madame Maxine's bottom was a good touch :)

I can't wait for the DVD now. I also can't wait for the 5th movie. I especially hope the kids continue on with the 6th movie. To see Harry and Ginny get together would be a sight to behold! I am an avid Harry/Ginny shipper, so sorry to other ship supporters there :p

Ruddy brilliant!


~*galenlondeien*~ said...

I hope they continue until the last movie installment. I can't imagine any other actor playing their roles. :)

Jennie said...

Here, here!

Kiko said...

Daniel Radcliff will definitely continue, he's $ 14M richer now =) after signing up for the next Harry Potter movie.