Friday, March 17, 2006

MLIM turns one...

Time flies fast when you're having fun. My blog turns one today and so many things have happened to me, the people around me, and the world in general.

Here's a recap of what happened in the year that past.

March 2005
My first entry - a quick review about the first ever vegetarian restaurant I have visited; the start of my love affair with the Mini Cooper S Cabriolet; Easter Melbourne style; A glimpse of the city of Melbourne

April 2005
My April fool's joke on Arnie; Melbourne Comedy Festival; Pope John Paul II dies; being propositioned by a female student in uni

May 2005
My first Harry Potter Meet up; Q&A's; New Wave party; school blues; angsty feelings

June 2005
More Q&A's; heaps of posts overflowing with my undying devotion to my fiance :)

July 2005
Rialto run-up; realisations of a migrant; Billy Corgan gig; Live 8; Harry Potter fever; pimped my bessy :p

August 2005
Tags; the start of the MLIM special; introduction to TFC; bessy coming to Melbourne; relationship dramas (not mine!); Jennie the gamer; Jennie the shopaholic ala Rebecca Bloomwood; Interpol gig

September 2005
Got engaged! That post about "when is sex good" that started a whole barrage of crappy comments by a certain flooder who didn't know how to read (actually interpreted my reader's comments as my own ideas) let alone construct sentences correctly; tags; shopaholic series; bessy visited!

October 2005
Engagement party pics; completed my first year of post grad studies

November 2005
Got my Toshiba laptop; Things I have learned about the opposite sex - dig that comment by one idiot whom, for some reason, got the impression that "I've tasted every single man there is" - HA! Same person also concluded that I was the one who mentioned liking "monkey style sex" when, in fact, it was a comment posted by good friend Jayce (look at the trouble you brought upon me, Jayce - JOKE! hahaha!) - so many idiots out there who don't know how to read and interpret the things they have read

December 2005
Ran for charity; feeling sad about not spending another Christmas in Manila; HP on audio; Same flooder started shitting me about Migs being a better match for me than Arnie, proceeded to say that they're "psychics" or something, also called me a "slut" in my own blog, became very vigilant against shit readers; HP and the Goblet of Fire on screen;

January 2005
Changed my blog's appearance; flooder was back and posted shit stuff on my shoutbox - just deleted it all and laughed at the person for being pathetic; Australian open; Year of the dog; quarter-life crisis; the answer to the ultimate question; tags; more about the guide; New year's resolutions

February 2005
Gold Coast holiday; my 28th birthday

March 2005
Back to school;

Thanks to all the people who have been reading my blog and to the friends that I have made and have reconnected with because of this blog. It is what makes this exercise worth its while. I know that there are people out there who may not agree with my opinions and point of view on certain things, but I would much rather that we discuss it in a more adult and educated manner rather than resorting to childish name calling. I respect everyone's opinions, so please give me the courtesy and respect mine.

A special mention goes out to the following people:

Jayce - I love reading your posts, it's part of my everyday ritual. Your intelligent rants and honest musings inspire me to do the same.

Kiko - It was so nice to reconnect with you again. I like the fact that you seem to appreciate my honesty and not judge me for it. Cheers!

Jaz - Your sassiness and biatchiness is something that I admire about you. Small but terrible! How refreshing!

Galenlondeien - Thanks for your regular visits to my blog. In you I found a fellow HP fanatic!

Vayie - Your honesty, vulnerability, and strength shows in your writings. I truly enjoy your blog and am glad that you decided to keep blogging. Here's to many more years of blogging!

eLf - My music guru. Your passion and love for everything New Wave is so contagious. I wish you all the best in the world - you deserve it!

Here's heaps of sugary sweets going out to you! Cheers!

Now to celebrate this blog's anniversary, I have decided to give it a new home. Yes, in a week or so this link will no longer exist and will be transferred to a different host. I really wanted to finalise my "weeding out the idiots" project. I don't feel like police-ing my own site is necessary and it's a complete waste of time. I'd rather have just a few readers and hits but by people who respect me.

To my friends and readers, don't worry. I will send you the link via email so you can update your links within your blogs.

Thanks for your support guys and here's to a better and "new" MLIM!


~*galenlondeien*~ said...

Congratulations!!! :)

peta said...

i dont blame you>

Kiko said...

Belated happy 1st birthday to your blog! Sorry I've been absent for weeks. I miss visiting your blog - THE most profound blog I've visited in my 2 years of this thing.

Actually, I have much higher respect for honest people than those who hide things to "fit in".

ah yes and one more thing -- very very seldom do I meet gals who are against "insisting on the icing". *wink* There should be more of your kind in this world (so go and have kids with Arnie already!! =P)

nikkerbockers said...

hey jennie, what's your new blog? so i can update my link :)