Friday, April 14, 2006

I'm back

Wow. Has it been a month since I was last "seen" in the blogging world? I figured I can use the break, after all the drama that I have gone through with that stupid woman and another person whom discussed something with me about the content of my blog that I fail to understand till know why people will be offended.

Anyway, I'm back - with a new face, a new URL, and a new attitude... well, not so much new but I guess I have more of the "I don't give a fuck" attitude now. I figured that if people don't like what I write here, then they are free to leave and go to another URL. I am not tying anyone down to a chair and forcing them to read my stuff.

Other from the much needed break, I had a few things that kind of kept me preoccupied that even if I didn't take a break from blogging, I won't be able to anyway. On top of school, work, Arnie, friends, Meeko, there are a few pleasant distractions around me that is keeping me from blogging.

Here's a sneak peek of some of the things that was keeping me preoccupied, just purchased a few days ago:

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I gave my old iPod mini the flick and bought this beautiful 30gb black iPod video. I also got the Logitech portable speakers with remote, the biography of the Cure called "Never Enough" and three CDs - My Way The Best of Frank Sinatra, The Very Best of Velvet Underground, and First Impressions of Earth by The Strokes.

I have been uploading my CD collection into the iPod, all of my downloaded music, converting some video to make it iPod compatible, and am already half way through the book. I think this Easter holiday for me is just going to be peachy. :)


ck said...

ey. jennie, it's ck (the "avid" reader of jayce's blog). nice new blog. more reader=friendly. classy design to boot. uber chic. :-)

Jennie said...

Hi CK. How are you? Thanks for visiting :)

Anonymous said...

I always wanted to get an ipod myself but I keep on hearing how its lifespan only last for 3 years. I tend to abuse my electronics horribly so I wonder if paying 300 bucks for the 30gig ones is worth it. Maybe I'll get the $50 shuffle instead and replace it once a year :P