Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Confessions of a shopaholic - in hiatus

Okay... so everyone knows I love to shop. I love clothes, I love shoes, I love gadgets, I love to have new things.

But there comes a point when one has to stop.

And that time has come for me.

This promotion at work is both a blessing and a curse. The amount of money I'm getting allowed me to buy anything and everything I want without even thinking about whether I really need stuff or not. I have become a woman who thinks, "I don't care, I have the money anyway."

Not very wise.

It's not so much of the amount of money I spend on the luxuries I allow myself, after all I always think that I've worked hard for my money so I should bloody well spend it the way I see fit. It's actually a combination of things that convinced me that maybe I should lay off the shopping for a while.

Firstly, my closet is bursting at the seams. It has come to a point that I have come to wearing a piece of clothing twice a month at the most. Really silly if you think about it. Of course, this would mean longevity of use but not very handy if I have barely enough room.

Secondly, Arnie and I are saving up for our house. A few hundred dollars a week may not look too bad, but multiply that by months and years... yikes! There goes the deposit!

Finally, I don't really need anymore clothes and shoes! How many pairs of Chuck taylors does one woman need? 3? 5? 9? Sheesh...

Shopping has become a compulsion for me that I really need to stop. No more buying shirts and pants and skirts and shoes because I "may" need it later on. From now on, I'll only buy stuff when I really need it. I need another pair of shoes like a hole in the head!

Tough, but I'll persevere. I want to see the rewards that I'll reap from this, like that beautiful home that Arnie and I will share in the future as a married couple. That is an image that cannot be replaced by a pair of Manolo Blahniks.

Until then, "The Shopaholic Jennie" bids you farewell...


Jaz said...

This'll be a tough one and there'll be times wherein the shopaholic in us will try to pry itself loose (especially when you see or hear that some of your fave establishments are putting up a sale or offering some great discounts), but you have my back on this one, Jennie. You'll see your resolutions through =)

Jennie said...

Thanks for the support, Jaz. I know that you can sympathise with
me since you are a fellow shopaholic. I do hope that I'll be able to hang tough and stick with this.

Kiko said...

I just HAVE to say this.. "Can you be cloned?" hehehe

Seriously though, you have seen the light and wisdom. (I'll bet it brings Arnie to tears he is soooo happy hehehe). I wish other girls would follow your example. (after the house, then go ahead and shop again0. Personally I don't think there's really nothing wrong with a girl shopping (as long as she has the money for it). Shopping when you don't have the financial capacity to do it is the problem..

In your case it doesn't apply =)

(thanks for stopping by)