Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Melbourne an Aussie favourite!

Forget the Sydney Harbour bridge and the Opera House! Melbourne was voted as Australia's favourite city in a recent survey conducted across the country. While people say Sydney tops in nearby regional events, Melbourne is streets ahead of Sydney in terms of dining, nightlife, sporting and cultural events, romance, and my favourite of all... fashion and shopping!

Melbourne is very European in its setting. The people who walk the streets come from different backgrounds, making it the most multicultural city in Australia. The streets are safer than Sydney by a long shot and the food... let's just say you will not run out of places to go even if you decide to eat in a different place everyday! Other cities bag Melbourne for its unpredictable weather, often saying that Melbourne has four seasons in one day. In my opinion, this is one of the reasons why Melbourne denizens are the most well-dressed lot amongst all Aussies. They dress according to the weather, and they do it damn well.

I am so proud to be a resident of a city that oozes so much appeal and class. A city that boasts good food and good shopping is definitely tops in my book.

If you have the chance, come and visit this wonderful city! I'd love to take you around :) In fact, I will start posting more about this beautiful city. Think of me as your personal tour guide :p

What's on:

Picasso, Love & War 1935 - 1945 - an exclusive exhibition at the National Gallery of Victoria
The Leonardo Da Vinci Machines - An Exhibition of Genius at the Waterfront, Docklands

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wanggo said...

Hey Jenny,

Yup! I'm going to Melbourne! I'll be arriving on the 2nd. Then I'll be leaving on the 5th for Sydney. I'll be hella busy working and stuff but I'm sure I'll be able to sneak off a bit to see you and say "hi!"

I won't be bringing my cellphone so it would be best to leave your number with me so I can give you a call the moment I get there. I have pretty much around 4 days in Melbourne, so I'm sure I can squeeze you in-between work (like I'll have my head on work, right?).

It will be great to see you and see what Melbourne will be like. I'm so excited.

Please e-mail me your number. Thanks and can't wait to see you.

Much love,