Thursday, July 20, 2006

Melbourne, the Australian shopping capital?

Oh boy. I think the Gods are conspiring against me. I just read in the Herald Sun that the City of Melbourne and State Government of Victoria have proposed to launch an annual shopping festival. Cities like Dubai and Hong Kong do this, but their shopping festivals last for at least a month which includes fireworks, live shows, and huge bargains. In Melbourne, because of its already full calendar from annual events like the Melbourne Cup (horse racing), AFL (Aussie rules football), Australian Open (Tennis), Comedy Festival, and others, the shopping festival will last only a week. Of course, major city retailers whole heartedly support this initiative in order to rake in as much moolah as possible.

The City of Melbourne is not content being just the fashion capital of Australia. It also wants to be the center of retail heaven.

Damn. Well, at least they don't see it happening until 2008. It gives me a year and a half to lay off the shopping a bit.


On a similar note, I am slightly disappointed with myself. Last Monday, I got a big surprise when I checked my bank account. Turns out that all salaried employees got their annual bonuses. It was a hefty bonus at that. So, what was the first thing I did? Deposit the money in my savings account? No. Pay some bills off? No.

You know what I did?

I went straight to Louis Vuitton, that's what!

And I got this beautiful bag...

Luckily, I had enough self-control and did not buy the matching wallet.

Sigh. So much of refraining from shopping... I am a mad, bad, shopaholic! Argh!

***note that I am only slightly disappointed. Heck, it is a gorgeous bag and I've always wanted it :p***


~*galenlondeien*~ said...

Couldn't resist the urge... But I can see it's really preciousss... :)

Jaz said...

I honestly don't know if I should reprimand you for getting that bag, but yes, it is quite a beauty :)

Sure hope this'll be the last item that you purchase for these months to come.

Jennie said...

Karen: Couldn't resist... how could I? Look at how beautiful it is?

Jaz: I know... I'm so ashamed. I really should have a minimal withdraw limit on my account... or better yet, just lock me up in a room with no windows :p