Monday, August 21, 2006


Since mum left for the Philippines last Friday, I am left on my own in our house. Arnie will be staying with me for the next two weeks to keep me company. In short, Arnie and I will be playing house or in Filo-speak, bahay-bahayan - a popular game amongst kids pretending to be a family unit.

Well, in our case, we're playing the role of husband and wife, keeping a clean and well-run household.

I guess this will be good practise for us considering we are planning to do this for real next year and so far, we're doing well.

Yesterday morning, after a long, hard night of partying (i.e. eating, drinking, smoking you-know-what, and painfully singing our hearts out on my PS2 Singstar game) because of our friend Caloi's despedida (he'll be leaving for Manila and is planning to stay for there for a year - we'll miss you, bro), I woke up with a massive hang over and cooked breakfast for Arnie and our friends who slept over. After breakfast, our friends left and we went back to sleep. Arnie woke up to prepare lunch. After lunch, I started ironing my clothes while Arnie cleaned the house. We were working as a team, doing household chores. It was kind of fun.

I spent the rest of the afternoon napping while Arnie played games on the PS2. I woke up in time to prepare dinner while he rested with Meeko next to him. We both went to bed early after a refreshing shower to ready ourselves for the long working week ahead.

So far, so good. I'll be going home tonight to prepare dinner and get my stuff ready for my early flight to Sydney tomorrow. "Married life" is looking quite promising. :)

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jase said...

kewl! good luck to your bahay-bahayan! i know you will make it! :)