Friday, August 04, 2006

Jennie aka Storm?!?

I'm still here in Sydney. At present, I am sitting in the board room with my co-worker and boss. Ours is a small team of three. We haven't started our meeting yet so we're all just sitting around fiddling with our laptops and doing some work... not! Like in my case, I'm blogging. My boss is replying to a gazillion emails, Harris is looking up something in the system, and I'm multi-tasking - reading up on Standard Operating Procedures and blogging.

My flight was a nightmare. It was raining hard. We boarded the plane and ten minutes before departing, we were asked to disembark because the wipers won't work - some faulty engineering problem crap. We then boarded another plane and left the tarmac an hour after supposed departure time and got to Sydney around 11:10, which is only 40 minutes later than my original arrival time. We then headed to the baggage claim area where everyone in my original flight had to wait 1 hour for our baggage to turn up! Turns out that our baggage came in another plane and not the one we boarded!

What a waste of freaking time! I ended up being really late for my 11:30 meeting. I got to work at 2:00! Argh!

The weather was fantastic though. We had a nice late lunch at the local pub outside which was a real treat since us Melbournites can't do that at present because of the cold weather. As soon as we got back into the office, it started raining. The team has been joking around and telling me I brought the rains to Sydney. Hahaha.

I stayed at the Stamford Plaza. They upgraded me to the deluxe suite on the topmost floor... fabulous! Dinner was very nice. We went to this small, quaint Thai restaurant in Beverly Hills. Lovely meal.

Had a nice bath but after downing three screwdrivers, hot water and alcohol are not very good combined. Nuh-uh.

Woke up this morning, had a big hearty breakfast of Ham and Cheese Omelette, Sausages, Hash Browns, English Breakfast Tea, and an Apple Juice. Took a shower, checked out of the hotel. Hailed a cab. Lovely, it's raining cats and dogs - I did bring the storms to Sydney!

As a result, I was 15 minutes late which my boss understood perfectly. Sydney traffic and the rain is not a good combination. So now, I'm here blogging away...

My flight back home is at 4:45 pm. I'll be leaving work to head to the airport at 3:00.

Then, back to work in Melbourne on Monday.

Oh, how I love my life...

Have a great weekend!

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