Friday, August 25, 2006

A day in the life of the sassy Melbournite

Got inspired by Jaz's blog entry about her day to day activities.

Luckily, my job does not require me to do the same ol' shit every single day. Do I find it exciting? Yes. Boring? Not at all. Unsettling? It can be.

There is no such thing as routine in my job. I could get a phone call or an email in the next 10 minutes telling me to get my arse on the airport pronto because I have a corporate meeting in Sydney in 3 hours time. I could get an urgent request from our global office in Atlanta (State of Georgia, USA) asking me to participate in testing a system upgrade. I could get meetings set up by people from different departments wanting to sit with me for a whole day to plan and document new and existing processes and training matrixes. I could get phone calls from my boss in all hours (even weekends) about - what else? - work. It's a wild, wild world for me wherein I have been uprooted from my relatively stress free position of 5 years past. I have been thrown into a pit where important people in the company want a piece of me, every single day. Do I feel important because of it? Bloody oath. Is it worth it? For a workaholic who takes pride in their work, it definitely is.

It is very hard to summarise what I do in a day to day basis. In a nutshell, it's basically get up from bed in time to get to work (whether that be my office in Melbourne or another site or a flight to another city), make sure I have my trusty mobile phone, pad, pen, and laptop with me, and away I go. I can start at 10:00 in the morning but I can also start at 5:00 am due to early flights. In quite days, I finish at 6:00 pm but can also go onto 9:00. Grad school completely fucks up my schedule but I consider it a "break" from the rat race at work. My friends from school keep me grounded and entertained. I especially enjoy our lengthy debates about everything and anything NOT RELATED TO WORK.

Weekends is something I treasure. I could spend it doing nothing. I feel like I'm starting to become like our National Operations Manager, Karen. She is just so sick of going all over the place (US, Europe, New Zealand, South America, Australia) that whenever she has a break, she just spends it lounging about at home. Well, I guess I'm not that bad. I still like going out, having dinner in nice restaurants with Arnie and my mates, checking out the shops, probably experience some sort of culture (I am yet to see the Picasso exhibit). Arnie is planning to go for a long drive somewhere this weekend, I don't know. We'll see where the wind takes us.

Above all this is trying to divide my time between people I love (Arnie, mum, friends) and Meeko! How can I forget my baby? She, who regardless of the mood I am in, never fails to greet me with a smile, her tail wagging happily, and a soft bark telling me "I miss you, mum."

On that note, have a great weekend everyone!


ladybug said...

have a great weekend too!

jase said...

hi Jen, your work sounds exciting- and involves lots of travel, which I like. I hate my 9-5 office work, stressfree otherwise but I find it very boring now!

have a good weekend :)

Jaz said...

gee! i am loving your corporate world! really i am! i mean, not a lot of peeps get the chance to travel (even if it's just a short work-related trip).

haha, seems like you always have someone to come home to =) you know, i always loved dogs....but unfortunately, asthma prevented me from having one of my own (but it sure hasn't prevented me from stroking & cuddling them every chance i get though *lol*)

have a pleasant hurly-burly week ahead =P