Tuesday, December 19, 2006

My current alcohol fave

The Sassy Melbournite Recommends...

This happens to be my most favourite wine at the moment. I first got a taste of this at the Sky High Bistro in the Dandenong ranges wherein I took a chance and ordered a glass to accompany my anti-pasto platter.

It is one of the most beautiful tasting wines I have ever tried and I have been hunting for a bottle since. I have been unlucky. I recently found out from the franchise owner of Vintage Cellars in Port Melbourne that this particular wine is not available in the shops. You can only buy it in the winery cellar itself.

So last Sunday, Arnie and I drove to Yering Station Winery off Melba Highway in Yarra Glen (just 30 minutes from Ringwood). Yering Station happens to be the first wine vineyard in the state of Victoria, dating back to 1838. It is the most lovely property and judging by how "country" the place looks like, you would feel like you have travelled hours to get to the place, when in fact it is only about an hour from the city.

So, off to the cellar to purchase the wine. The great thing about wineries is that you can taste everything in the menu for free, except for certain items that specifies it is not available for tasting. I have tasted about 8 different varieties of wine... all this before lunch!

Arnie and I bought 4 bottles. It's Tuesday today, and we only have 2 left. Not enough for New Year's eve!

So, we're planning to go back to the winery on the 30th and probably purchase a whole case... hahaha!

Highly recommended if you like your wines easy and sweet but not sickingly so like botrytis blends. Perfect with chilli hot food and light desserts. Can also be enjoyed by itself.

A bottle costs $17.50, a whole case costs $199.50. Excellent value for money!


ladybug said...

That's one of the things I will miss this yuletide season...drinking wine. Bawal kasi nga buntis. Oh well, the sacrifice is worth it for my baby. :-D

jase said...

Hi Jennie,

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and Arnie.

Thanks for your unbiased comment on my blog. That is what I just need to clear my mind.


Michael... said...

You have good taste.

A friend of mine recently brought a bottle of this wine to my house after she had visited Yerring Station... I absolutely loved it.

I might have to make a roadtrip soon and buy myself a case.