Monday, December 04, 2006

A legend dies...

Maximo V. Soliven, publisher and writer for the Philippine Star, died last November 24 of complications from cardiac arrest.

Being an alumnus of O.B. Montessori Centre, I have had the privilege of meeting the man in person numerous times in parties, Tuesday assemblies, and just seeing him pass by to visit. I even served him a glass of wine during a Food Technology project we had to do in third year and he even praised me for pouring it perfectly in his glass without a drop of it spilling! It's a well known fact that his wife, Philippine Ambassador to UNESCO and O.B. Montessori Ex-President Preciosa Soliven, was his wife.

A very intelligent man, he never ran out of interesting quips to tell us impressionable teens back then. I especially enjoyed his stories of the past when he was a younger journalist battling injustices head on during the regime of Apo Marcos (as he so fondly called him).

I will no longer see his Latin quips, his catch phrases (Salamabit, Sanamagan, Susmaryosep), and his fair but critical views of the current government. First Teddy Benigno, now him. What is left in Philippine Journalism?

Rest in Peace, Mr. Soliven. May you enjoy sipping Earl Grey tea with Alexandre Dumas discussing "The Three Muskateers" in heaven.

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kat said...

He will always be the nice man who shortens his speech because he knows the students hate long speeches. :)

Rest in peace, Sir Max.