Friday, March 30, 2007

Kiss and tell part 2

So, I'm stuck in an all girl's school for a whole year - first year high school. It was quite a shock to the system, considering I have been going to a co-educational school from the very start.

Never in my life have I seen so many "bois" around. You know the type, girls acting all boyish and cool and stuff, struting around like they own the place. There was one group of juniors who were targeting young, naive froshies like myself and trying to get into a "relationship" with them.

I think the "lines" they used were as follows:

Hi! Anong pangalan mo?
Cute mo! On tayo ha?

Hahaha! Come to think of it, napakababaw diba? Even boys wouldn't have the audacity to do such a thing! Such chutzpah! Hahaha!

Of course, nagpakagaga ako at kumagat naman! Hahaha!

The stupid things you do when you're young!

But it wasn't with that so-called girlfriend that I experienced my first ever kiss from a girl. It was with a classmate who was cute as a button and as sweet as apple pie.

Her name was Sharon.

And she caught me unawares one day and just planted one straight on my lips, right in our classroom, in plain view of all our classmates.

And boy, did that cause a ruckus!

Turns out that she liked me and that was the only way for her to grab my attention because I was such an insensitive cow - and it did, alright!

We became an item soon after that.

It was quite addicting, kissing Sharon. She was sweet, she was eager, and she was in love with me. She would pass me notes every single day with short but sweet messages. The relationship made such a difference in the way I saw things. I came to realise that you fall in love with a person not because of their gender but of who they are. Yes folks, this early on in my life I have embraced and accepted my bisexuality.

Pity it didn't last for there were many others vying for her attention. She was THAT hot, and she fell for me first! She didn't want to let go of me, for I broke it off with her first. It was getting ugly - girls were actually being nasty and harassing me every single day to break it off with Sharon. At first I didn't want to, but I was so young back then. The concept of "fighting for love" was foreign to me and nasty rivals was something I never encountered before. I got tired of the harassment that I broke Sharon's heart.

And I'll never forgive myself for that.

She became quite a brash party go-er who went with anyone who asked. I feel like I am to blame for her sudden change of behaviour. I should have fought for our relationship.

I went from one relationship after another. There was absolutely no substance in all of them, no kissing, nothing at all. It was just a relationship by name.

And then I found myself falling in love again.

Her name was Russell, a senior CAT officer who was cool as a feline in a show. She was a brilliant singer, an excellent guitar player, and a fantastic friend.

We never had a relationship, but we had an excellent friendship. She never found out about my feelings for her until she graduated and I left to go back to my old alma mater.

Yes folks, I went back to co-ed territory after a brief stint in all-girl purgatory.

And that was where a lot of interesting things happened!

To be continued...


Vayie said...

Hehe. Not really new to me. I was in an all-girls school in Highschool. I was a witness to a lot of crazy stuff. Though I never really get to try it. Just the thought of it is...icky.

Kiko said...

I knew I should have stopped reading after the first few paragraphs, but since you wrote it, well... =D