Thursday, April 05, 2007

Something to think about...

Seeing that it is Easter, here's food for thought...

James Cameron directed a documentary for the Discovery Channel, claiming that they have found the family tomb of Jesus Christ. 10 ossuaries were excavated from a tomb found in a construction site in 1980. Inscriptions were carved onto these ossuaries that makes a curious mind work overtime...

Jesus, son of Joseph
Judas, son of Jesus

Of course, this was debunked by believers of the faith saying that these names were so common back then that every family had a female named Mary or a Maria.

But interestingly, a statistician who had nothing to do with the making of the documentary later said that the chances of all these names being related in some way are 6 million to 1... those are pretty big odds.

Now, this poses a great big question.

If it's proven, without a shadow of a doubt, that this is truly the tomb of Christ and that he had a family with Mary, thus debunking the whole Christian faith of Christ rising from the dead and ascending bodily into heaven, would this shatter your faith to the very core?

If you ask me, then my answer is NO.

Regardless of Jesus being married or just being a man like everyone else, this will actually make me cling on to my faith even more. Does it really matter that Jesus Christ isn't really the Son of God? Can't a man live life spiritually and morally? Can't a man be good as well as be a husband and a father? As Robert Langdon said, regardless of what the truth is, Jesus Christ was a great man who did great things for people.

And that's all that matters.

Happy Easter everyone.


Jerome aka Bridget Jones said...!!!!!! you kissed a girl! hahahahaha! that's so cool! well, adolescence is a time of trying and exploring right? at least you are still batting for your team or else, the kingdom of men will have lost a priceless chick like you, dahlin...

hey, sorry ha? somehow, akismet read that comment of yours where you placed your link as spam. weird.

happy easter, sistah! hugs!

lynette said...

You know i somehow agree to your opinion about Christ. As you know, I grew up studying in a Christian school, and I can't seem to be sincere with my faith back then. Because teachers have been teaching us that Christ is the Son of God, they make Him sound so powerful and extraordinary, yet we are always told that we should be like-Christ in action and words. But the way they portray Him makes Him SuperHuman so how can we be like Christ? But seeing Christ as another human being like us sounds more realistic and believable--Only then can anyone believe in His goodness as something real, maybe that's what they meant when they said that Christ is the Image of God.

Vayie said...

I remember attending a talk facilitated by Jaime Licauco around 2 years ago during the "Da Vinci Code"-hoopla. Mr. Licauco is really trying to ignite us as he spoke about the Vatican conspiracy. I was seated at the back as the discussion heats up. After a few more minutes of being a mere spectator, he called me.

JL: "Have you read the book?"
Me: "Yes."
JL: "Were you shocked with the Jesus and Magdalene fact?" (as in fact)
Me: "No. My beliefs are ingrained. I don't see how one book could compromise everything I know and I believed all these years."

And you were right to point out that it's not what we believe that actually matters. Jesus - whether or not Mary Magdalene was his wife, is not what's important. We simply must acknowledge the fact that He died on the cross to redeem us from our sins.

Happy Easter!

Kiko said...

Regardless of what Jesus's real story is - being Christian (or Catholic) is defined by what you do to your neighbor; not by being a hypocrite in front of God.

Amen Jenny! Our reasons for linking up rekindled. And I am back in the blog circuit.