Monday, April 23, 2007

Family matters

It's been a busy few weeks for me this month. Arnie's family from Europe came to visit because it was their father's 80th birthday. Wow, what a feat!

I suddenly had three grown up boys living in our place - all sons of Arnie's brother Rudy from Switzerland. They are all good kids - I use the term "kids" loosely here since their ages are 28, 23, and 15.

Having come from a big family myself (mum is the second eldest from a brood of 9, myself being the eldest grandchild of 26), I am used to the chaos that family reunions come to be. One minute everyone is laughing and joking around, the next minute someone starts some sort of drama and runis everyone's fun.

Makes me not look forward to my wedding next year, where I have two sets of family members (mine and Arnie's) to deal with.



kat said...

I know what you mean about big families. It's always a chaos, for some reason, both good and bad.

I can't help but smile at your comment on the "boys." I'm 26, but whenever I'm with my aunts and uncles, I'm still part of the "kids." :D

Jaz said...

that's so true in big family gatherings...there's always someone who'd spoil the fun! haha!

and same here as well....when i speak about my cousins of 20+yrs of age, i can't help but refer to them as "kids". oh well, i think i got it from my uncles & aunties who still call me "little girl" (x_x)