Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Of goodbyes and birthdays

And so my nephews in law left early this morning. The past couple of weeks was fun. They actually gave me and Arnie a thank you card and gifts - for me actually. A pack of US playing cards (15-year old Aaron was teaching me all these neat card tricks that I will definitely get better at) and a Lord of the Rings 500 piece puzzle (for I am a huge LOTR fan - I actually have an elvish tattoo on my arm).

And silly me, I actually cried! Gah!

Oh well, they are very sweet kids.

To my "adopted sons Allan and Aaron, you guys are always welcome to stay over and I hope to see you guys next year!



I also want to greet my loving fiance a happy 38th birthday.

Lots of love and kisses and wish you more to come!


ladybug said...

Happy birthday to your fiance! :-)

R*Y A N said...

we've had relatives from overseas staying with us for the last four weeks. they're leaving soon and i just know i'm gonna bawl my eyes out.

i know, sooky lah lah. but partings suck.

thanks for your comment on mine, ate jennie. and a belated happy birthday to arnie!