Sunday, May 08, 2005

I am officially a fangirl!!!

Yes, as the title says, I am officially a fangirl! Of what, you may ask? Well recently, I have joined the Melbourne Harry Potter Meetup Group. Yes, you heard me (or rather read :p). I have been utterly obsessed with Harry Potter that I decided to join a group where I get to meet complete strangers in some bar in Melbourne (well, Fitzroy Street to be exact... will share pictures later on!) and talk, what else, Harry Potter!

Jennie, Kathleen, Caz, and our organizer Shannon.
Don't you think the HP glasses are spiffy? :p

I am very, very excited about the release of the sixth HP book and can't wait to grab my copy on the day of its release! I have just bidded on a Gryffindor scarf in eBay and I plan to wear that on the Harry Potter book release party at the Federation Square... good excuse too since it'll be the middle of winter here by then!

The group meets every first Friday of the month. I hope there will be more of us on the next meeting. Regardless, it'll still be fun I reckon... as long as we have Harry, we'll be fine (and in the case of our organizer Shannon, as long as Snape is there, she's happy!)

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kat said...

Ah, Harry Potter. I would join a group like that but I don't have the patience to meet up with the others. Hehehe. But I love HP, am looking forward to Book 6 and the movie this November has me in stitches. Hehehe. ^_^