Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Back from technological rapture..

I can't believe this turned out to be a shorter break than I originally thought. I got my laptop last Friday night and have not been away from it since. I uploaded all my games, programs, favourite music videos, and songs. So far, I have around 10 gigabites songs and music videos.

This weekend, I'll be buying Battle for Middle Earth, the Lord of the Rings game. I'm sure around that time, I'll be unavailable again. I spent these past few days playing Sims 2 every night and catching up on my writing. Having a laptop is so convenient that whenever inspiration hits me, all I have to do is turn it on and type away.

The soft keypads - I find it so soothing.

I brought my laptop to Starbucks this afternoon while I was working on a work report during lunch. Thank God for wireless technology. I was able to download a few more songs while I was typing my report. Bloody fantastic!

As soon as I download Adobe Photoshop, I'll try and make my own blog template. Hopefully, it'll turn out okay. This laptop is making me want to write more. I might even start up my own website containing original short stories and fanfiction of various anime, books, and tv shows. I'll see how I go.

So many plans, so little time. Sigh...

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Kiko said...

Wow, am I reading this right? You got Battle for Middle Earth!? Hehehe hmmmm you've just reminded me of something I have to do =D

[ play more games ]