Monday, May 08, 2006

My patience is wearing thin...

I believe I am one of the most patient people around. It probably has to do with my belief that there is an inate goodness in everyone, even if the person happens to be a hitler-incarnate. These past 5 years of working in the same company and managing the same team has tested my patience in differing degrees.

But I think that my patience is on the brink of a complete breakdown.

It all started with a particular staff member who, for some reason, has started sporting two of my most hated traits in a person - stupidity and lying. Okay, without sounding mean or anything this person does come across as a really stupid arse. She asks the most asinine questions and does the most reprehensable actions.

1. She chats up complete strangers without even thinking of the consequences

2. She met a complete stranger who sent her an SMS by mistake and she was horrified when the guy she met started chatting her up in a rather risque manner

3. She has a "something for nothing" attitude

4. She says the p-word and c-word without batting an eyelash - and this during a normal conversation between work colleagues!

5. She comes across as some innocent little munchkin when she has gone out with a few men at work

6. She has a penchant for lying to your face when she's caught doing something wrong...

7. ... And when she's caught doing something wrong, she'll try to deflect the blame and point the finger at someone else

8. She abuses the internet

9. She believes that for working in the company for 3 years gives her the right to talk back to people (she actually said this to MY boss after I sent her to him for another talk... a MONTH after I gave her a verbal warning!)

The good news is after that talk with my boss which was about a week ago, she is behaving herself. God knows how long this will last. I know my other staff members are ready to kill her if she's up to her shananigans again.

I do pray that I get that job. I am yet to get an interview but I really am hoping for some sort of miracle to deliver me from being around idiots in the workplace, even if in this case it's only one person. I sometimes feel I'm getting dumb myself. Spend one minute with this person and you'll know what I'm talking about!

Unless your idea of great conversation is which actor is dating who or which technique is the best when giving some bloke a blowjob :-s


Anonymous said...

Being a manager is tough work isn't it :)

Haha, she is feeling like a corporate veteran for working for the company for 3 months?! Whats next? Life time pension after one year of service?

The worst thing about her is that she has no sense of personal responsibility. Wow, she's going places alright.

At least she knows she is threading on thin ice. :)


Kiko said...

Is she filipina? (I hope not hehehe)

Just remember that there will always be people like that wherever you go, wherever company you will work in. You just have to deal with it diplomatically, since there's nothing to gain from stooping to people her level.