Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Arnie was robbed!

I received terrible news last night from Arnie. He was robbed at work by a stranger who just walked in to his office and grabbed items from his knapsack. Said items were his newly acquired Nokia N70 mobile phone, his wallet (which I gave as a present)with all his cards, ID, and licence, his Diesel watch (which I gave him for Christmas), and his Tag Heuer watch (which I gave him as an engagement present).

Shit! He was so depressed. I spent all night calming him down over the phone but I myself was ready to skin the robber alive if ever we catch him. The good thing is that his workplace has a surveillance camera and was able to take a clear footage of the prick.

Arnie was really upset because the items, aside from the mobile phone, were a gift from myself and he treasured it because of the sentimental value of the items. I told him that those things are replaceable and that we can get those same items later on. The important thing is that at least no one got hurt. What if he happened to be in his office when the guy came in? What if the guy had a weapon with him?

He is feeling better today. He will be going to the police to give a copy of the surveillance tape. Poor Arnie, he didn't deserve this. I wish I was with him last night to give him a big, comforting hug :(


Anonymous said...

Wow sorry to hear the bad news. But yes your right, considering the situation it is still a blessing that Arnie is unharmed and the robbery did not happen when he was not there. At least he is safe and unscratched.

I do hope they find that bastard though.


Jaz said...

O that's bad. I sure hope the police there would be able to catch the crook and have your items returned back to you. But nevertheless, it's a good thing that your hubbie didn't get hurt.

ade said...

Sometimes we do get so comfortable with our surroundings that we get a little too complacent. Hope your hubby gets his phone back, though.

Jayce Cortez Jacinto said...

Hey, Jennie. I know that more than all of the things that were stolen, it's the fact that a lot of those things held personal and sentimental value. Hope Arnie's not too shaken up about it. He's doing the right thing reporting it to the police, when a lot of people would just remain living in fear of such things. Be strong for your lover, sweetie.

kat said...

That's awful. Glad to hear no one was hurt though. I can relate with Arnie. Often it's not the material value of the item (though it hurts too) that makes it valuable, but more of who gave it and why.

And at least there are surveillance cameras there! Imagine mo nalang here. If your stuff gets stolen... good luck!

~*galenlondeien*~ said...

That sucks! To think Arnie just celebrated his birthday less than a month ago... Well, good thing he's alright. Hope the crook is caught though.