Sunday, May 21, 2006

Decoding the Code

Arnie and I went to see "The Da Vinci Code" yesterday afternoon before we went off to meet up with some friends. I have enjoyed reading the book and liked the character of Robert Langdon, whom I have always thought of as a scholarly James Bond although not as good looking but with claustrophobia and a penchant for wearing Harris tweed jackets. Watching the book come alive in the big screen was joy for me, if not just to see the legendary works of master artists such as Caravaggio and the rumoured former grandmaster of the Priory of Sion, Leonardo Da Vinci inside every art lovers' mecca, the Louvre.

I did not expect the movie to include every single thing in the book but it was enough to make an excellent narrative. My favourite character was Sir Ian McKellan's Sir Leigh Teabing. He did justice to the role of an obsessed Grail historian. Ton Hanks wasn't a bad Robert Langdon at all. I personally have always liked Tom Hanks as an actor, so bollocks to people who think Harrison Ford should get the role (same people think that Robert Langdon is an Indiana Jones incarnate). >shudder<

Audrey Tautou has always been a beautiful French actress. I have liked her in Amelie and A Very Long Engagament. It is just unfortunate the Tom and Audrey didn't have the connection or the chemistry that I expected the Langdon and Neveau characters to have. Oh well.

It was a fun movie. I am quite lucky that it was just rated M-13 here in Australia. I have a few friends who have asked me why they have rated it R-18 in Manila. I said it's because some Filipinos are hypocrites. The censors allow movies that contain naked women being raped to be shown on the big screen, but movies that may cause believers to question certain things about their religion is not allowed.

Robert Langdon sum everything up it a very poignant statement:

"This does not change the fact the Jesus Christ is an exceptional man, a human inspiration. All that matters is what you believe in."

Well said. Not bad for a person who was raised Catholic, eh?

I suggest that believers and non-believers watch this movie. It is an interesting point of view, questions posed by people for a long time that if were true, it is not truly impossible. Let us not forget that it is historical fact that certain aspects of the Catholic religion have been determined by men, not God. Keep this in mind, read up on your history, and decide for yourself. Is the content of "The Da Vinci Code", "Holy Blood, Holy Grail", and all other Grail legend books all claptrap?

I may believe in the concept of a supreme entity that looks after us, but there have always been certain aspects of the Catholic religion that disturbs me. I question some of the things they do, and as matter of fact I question things that most religions do. What did Sir Teabing say in the movie? "As long as the concept of God existed, men have killed in God's name."

I don't want to get into a full-blown debate about religion because it is honestly not one of my favourite topics. I believe in what Robert Langdon said. "All that matters is what you believe in." I also believe in the good of people, the respect that people should give each other, and living in a world where you do your fellow man or woman no harm. As long as these things exist, that's all that matters.

As for the Code, watch it guys. It is worth it!


Anonymous said...

You should have heard the reaction of the Catholic Church back here in good old Philippines. They were in fits about the movie and there were actually individuals who went out of the way to try to have the movie banned here.

It’s sad our values are so backward here in the Philippines that they still subscribe to the sad old style thinking that "if it has a different opinion its 'dangerous' and should be banned."

One thing that marks an advance society (at least relatively advanced society) it tolerates/accepts radical ideas and new ways to thinking.

The funny thing it’s not even a big deal. So what if Jesus was not really a God and an actual human being who married and lived like us? It’s a more likely and realistic picture of this great man then worshipping him as some demi-god. Buddhists and Muslims never had a problem with their own representative with being "human" why not us Christians as well?

Maybe the married part gives the priest and nuns fits. It would suck to find out in the afterlife that you still could have gone to the highest places in heaven even if you had sex like a rabbit :P


Jennie said...

The Philippines has gone back to Medieval times... burn, burn, burn the witches and free thinkers!

What hypocrites! >rolls eyes<

Kiko said...

Hehehe, this road is familiar. It is OUR crossroad. ^_o

Even before this book was ever published, I believe in respect. It sucks that every religion doesn't respect other religions beliefs.

And because of this, I challenge my faith as a catholic everyday. As in -- what defines being catholic more? Going to church on Sundays, or forgiving the people who hurt you? Or praying before meals, or going out of your way to help a stranger? Y'know.. stuff like that. And I am convinced of what I believe in, that there is a God - just not everything we'd expect a God to be like, which is why there a ton of religions in the world - it's from the want of a God that is acceptable to us..

~*galenlondeien*~ said...

Who knows? Being human is divine. :)

Jaz said...

Am so darn envious! I so wanna watch the film, but work, school & stuff just keeps on popping every time I had even just a few hours/minutes of *relaxation*! Gah! And not to mention that there are some moviehouses here in Pinas that totally refused to show it, thus limiting further my chance of catching the flick! Wah!!!

oh well, might as well wait for the DVD copy I guess =(