Friday, September 01, 2006

The first day of spring.

It's the first of September and that marks the start of a brand new season.

Spring is here!

Gone are the dreary, cold days and nights that winter bestowed upon Melbournites. Today, we are blessed with a sunny 23 degree day. How wonderful!

Being that it's casual Friday today at work, I took the opportunity to wear a short-sleeved polo shirt, jeans, and my trusty, comfy Nike runners - heels 4 times a week is killing my feet!

I love the sun! It just means more fun and more outdoor-sy activities once again!

Taken from outside my office building. What the fuck am I doing inside?

I would love to go out and spend my lunch break at St. Kilda, get seated on a table by the beach, and just soak up the rays. Finally, I can get my tan back... whoopee!

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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Jaz said...

I've always thought it cool that some countries experience all these 4 i wish 'pinas was like that. coz here, it's just the wet and the dry fun =(

Anyways, here's to that tan that you've been longing for *cheers* So what are you waiting for? Go soak up the sun! =)