Thursday, November 30, 2006

To Pinoy new wavers...

If you grew up in Manila, you probably heard of the song 'More To Lose" by Seona Dancing. It was such a big hit that till now, New Wave clubs play this!

A bit of trivia for you... do you know that Seona Dancing's lead singer is no other than Ricky Gervais from the hit TV show, The Office?

I saw this video from a recent TV interview he had in England and they played a short music video clip of one of his songs... too bad it wasn't "More To Lose" though...

"More To Lose" was one of those very sad, danceable songs that unfortunately never made the charts in England, nor did the band. Ricky looked absolutely embarrassed when the video was played, but wasn't he such a cutie?

And talented too.

If you're a fan of "The Office" or Ricky Gervais in general, go and see "Extras". Fantastic concept, fantastic writing, all courtesy of Mr. Gervais.

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Jerome aka Bridget Jones said...

oh my god, jen!!! i was laughing out loud reading this post! i grew up in the 80's and this is one era that will never be revived or even updated by anyone ever again because of the hairstyles and the fashion. hahahaha! jher and i were laughing about it two days ago. we were reminiscing our lives during the 80's which is ultimately defined by spraynet, bulldog shoes, That's Entertainment, clothes and shoes in primary and neon colors, padded shoulders, and lots of synthesizers in the songs! and who could ever forget the discos of manila: heartbeat, faces, jealousy playing new wave and punk rock music! (rolls in laughter)

Aminin, naalala mo! hahahaha! missed ya, jen!