Friday, June 02, 2006

Irritating human behaviour

One thing that shits me sometimes about human behaviour is that some people constantly complain about being in an awful situation in their lives and yet they do not do ANYTHING to get out of it.

Take the case of this woman that I know. She got into a bit of trouble with the husband - let's just say she "kind of" cheated on him ("kind of" because it was neither confirmed nor disproved)- but all evidence seems to point to the former. After that, her husband has been treating her like shit. She still sticks around. Now, the husband told her that he has been having an affair with a woman at work since March, only a month or so after her alledged betrayal.

Will you still stay? Is there really hope for this couple to get back together? I don't think so. I believe that cheating on one's partner is the ultimate betrayal and warrants no forgiveness. This couple obviously thinks the same because albeit all their pretence that everything is forgiven and all hunky-dory, they constantly hurl verbal abuse to each other and act without the least bit sensitivity towards each other's feelings. It's a mad situation and I reckon they should just get out of it. It's really annoying. People like these are the ones that make me want to crawl into a cave and just live like a hermit - some people just can't help being stupid.

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Jaz said...

i don't think i could stomach being cheated upon by my own hubby...if that happens, then it's buh-bye for explanations, no apologies....just goodbye, good riddance.