Saturday, June 03, 2006

Watched X-men 3...

Spoiler Alert!

... and I can't believe they killed off Professor Xavier! Waaaaahhhhhh!

I don't know, it just seems unlikely for Jean-Luc to be killed off... oops, wrong movie :p

But anyway, I cried when he was killed in the manner he did. Imagine being disintegrated to nothingness... that's harsh!

Other than that, X-men 3 was a spectacular ride from start to finish. Sir Ian Mckellan, once again, has earned my praise for being an amazing actor. Funny how the role of Magneto and Xavier fell to two highly skilled Shakesperean actors... you can clearly see the fruits of their training :)

Hugh Jackman is clearly Wolverine. That bod! Truly a fine specimen of Aussie male! :)

Halle Berry is still a good Storm.

And Jean Grey... well, I feel sorry for her. She ended up killing the man she loves, killing her mentor, as well as putting Logan in such a difficult position. Imagine killing the woman you love for the good of all?

Iceman kicked butt!

Collosus was more of a mutant catapult.

Juggernaut was entertaining with that English twang of his.

I felt sorry for Mystique.

I felt sorry for Rogue and was a bit disappointed with her but fully understand her position.

I kind of felt sorry for Magneto in the end as well.

I am still sad about how Professor X ended up, but I guess the reason for that is I'm a big Patrick Stewart (Jean Luc Picard) fan. I just don't like seeing actors I like being killed off so mercilessly.

But X-men 3 is a definite goer. It's so worth it!


Jaz said...

Yeah, it was a very harsh ending for Prof X....I think I cried a bucketful of tears

ei Jen, were you able to catch the after-the-credits scene? perhaps there's still another installment of this XMEn flick huh?

Jennie said...

Is there? Oh, I left as soon as it the film finished! It does look like there'll be a follow up, huh?

Jayce Cortez Jacinto said...

Jenny! I nearly jumped off my seat when I realized that you didn't get to see what happened after the end credits! He's alive! Professor X is alive! But I loved the movie! Our reactions are pretty much the same...especially about Colossus! On my blog, I commented on how his name should be changed to Catapult! Haha. Ah, well. We all know what the say about great minds!

Jennie said...

How in the world would he be alive after being disintegrated??? Damn, I feel like a right idiot not watching the credits now :(