Saturday, May 28, 2005

My feel-good meter is on the uptick...

After a week long stay at the holiday resort of sooky-la-la land, I feel that I am ready to join the living and be able to function like a normal human being again. The following events have happened in the past 12 hours:

1. Work wasn't so busy so I was able to bum around and surf the net... I know, I know... I'm a bludger, so sue me!

2. Left work early to go to school. Was able to upload more TFF songs into my iPod and listened to it in the tram. I refuse to drive into the city and pay for an atrocious parking fee when I can just park my car close to the tram stop for free and pay for a tram ticket for 1/3 the price of the parking fee.

3. Took my final exams. Thought I did okay, although I really don't care if I get a high grade or not, so long as I pass. It's not like my company will refuse to pay for my tuition if I get a grade less than a DI (distinction).

4. Met up with Arnie to have dinner. I missed him all week. I have been feeling absolutely unloved for no reason at all. Must be the weather, the hormones... no idea.

5. Walked around the city and window shopped. Chanced upon a couple of friends, Miguel and his brother Javier and went to Max Brenner (Chocolate by the Baldman). First time I have ever been there, and boy was the Mexican Chilli Chocolate drink and Strawberry Waffles heavenly! Enormous consumption of chocolate never fails to make me feel slightly better.

6. Chatted for about 2 hours with the boys. Had a lot of laughs. Nothing cheers me up than a rather risque and no holds barred conversation with adult men. ^_^

7. Went to Club Retro with Arnie. We both went to the top floor where they had the darkroom, the place where they play alternative 80s music. Read: 80s music that I actually like -- New Wave and post punk. Went up to the dj and asked him to play TFF's Mad World and Joy Division's She's Lost Control. A few people freaked out, maybe because of my choice of song or the fact that I'm asian and I know the song. Well, fucktard, filos are a different breed of asian!

8. Danced the night away along excellent New Wave music. Some songs played were The World In My Eyes and Personal Jesus by Depeche Mode, Close To Me and Friday I'm In Love by The Cure, What Difference Does It Make and Bigmouth Strikes Again by The Smiths, The Last of the Famous International Playboys by Morrissey, and Cars by Gary Neuman.

9. The fact that Arnie and I were the only asians in the darkroom and that some of the Aussies were trying to copy our 80s dance moves! Think Roland Orzabal... Arnie said I've got his moves down to pat... yay!!!

10. Got home, smelled of fucking cigarette smoke. Took a shower.

11. It's now 3:00 am, I'm still fully awake, and am eating Pork and Century Egg congee...

All in all, a bloody great day!


eLf ideas said...

Wow! That darkroom...makes me yearn...the waving hands move...adorable!

Jennie said...

Yeah, I had so much fun in the darkroom! The waving hands move indeed!

Anonymous said...

mee too.. i can waved my hands... loooooooook!!