Thursday, October 26, 2006

House hunting

Why is it that most people's definition of adult responsibility always includes the following?
  1. Get married
  2. Have kids
  3. Buy a house
  4. Buy a car

So if one refuses to do so, does this make you any less of a responsible adult? My mother has always been one to drill it on me - make a name for yourself, get property, get a car, get on top of the career ladder.

Without sounding arrogant, I've done it. At the age of 22, I got myself a stable job and slowly crept up to where I am now. At the age of 24, I purchased a car. At the age of 25, I bought a house. At the age of 26, I got engaged. Now, at the ripe age of 28, I am buying another house with my fiance - soon to be husband - Arnie. We are getting married in 18 months - I'll be 30 by then. Will we have kids? Probably when I'm 32, who knows?

Anyway, Arnie and I have been looking. We have been very particular about the location of the house we're buying. In terms of real estate investment, this is very important. A house in an excellent location can increase in value within just a year. Mum is getting a bit impatient with us (probably because she really wants to kick me out of our house) but these things take time and a lot of planning.

We have narrowed down the top three suburbs we're planning to buy in - Boronia, Bayswater, and Ferntree Gully. All suburbs are at least 28 km from the Melbourne CBD but are very good in terms of location, population, and affordability. Also, the Eastlink is being built and once that is completed, we expect a real estate boom within the area.

Have a look at some of the houses we checked out. Click on the pictures to see the property details.

I personally love the last house because it has a colonial cottage feel to it. I can see myself sitting by the verandah gorging on Devonshire tea. And the furniture I can put in there!

Arnie and I will be spending the coming weekend inspecting these properties and making offers. Hopefully, if everything works out, I'll be spending my 29th birthday at my new home!


jase said...

Wow !!!

First of all, I'd like to comment on your new blog's look. Really sassy - and i love that painting by Vernell!

Based on my experience, you should really go for the newly built houses. Older houses are crapped with a lot of problems. Forget about features and stuff. What is important are new and state of the art bathroom, kitchen and I love open living plans too. Modern is the way to go :)

Cheers :)

kat said...

I have absolutely no househunting experience, unless you count the time when I was looking for a place to stay in Baguio for college, and when we went looking a condo units.

I love how the last house looks too. It seems to very airy and comfortable. Good luck! Can't wait to see your new home!

Kiko said...

My vote goes to the last two houses.

Sadly, adults typically define responsibility as those 4 things you mentioned because most adults are afraid of death so, they seek to be immortal (hence, having children to immortalizing themselves in their children).

In a nutshell however, I would define responsibility as owning up to your actions, and doing something about your dreams - whatever they may be.

DeN said...

I like the last house too! I don't have any experience in house-hunting, personally, but since I've tagged along with my parents when they were deciding on which house to buy for us, I think being able to imagine yourself in the house and liking what you see is a good sign that it's the right one.

Good luck!

Jennie said...

Jase: Thanks for the compliment! I am also liking this template very much! :D

As much as I agree with you regarding modern houses, I cannot help but like the old as well especially those cottage style houses and california bungalow types. I don't know...

Kat: Hello there! Long time no see! I have a soft spot for these sort of places because Arnie and I always go up to the mountains and stay in B&B cottages to relax. I'm crossing my fingers that we get the best place for us.

Kiko: I totally agree with you. Being an adult is owning up to your actions no matter how bad the consequences may be. For some reason, people tend to focus on the material rather than the abstract. Oh well...

Den: Thanks for dropping by. It's been awhile :D

Jaz said...

am undecided :(

i mean, i like the 3rd house coz it looks neat & pleasing to the eyes, and i definitely dig its interiors (am partial to clean & fresh colors, hehehe).

but i also like the last one coz there's a certain charm and a home-y feel to it :)

but whatever it is, am sure it'll be a good one to go home to every night, basically coz you're sharing it with the one you love :)

Jennie said...

Jaz: True. Bricks and mortar make a house but it's the people you're with that makes it a home :)

Have a great weekend!