Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Just because you think people ought to know what you know, does not mean that you are justified when you get pissed off at them if they happen not to know.

Just because you think you're older and so-called "wiser", does not mean that you can dispense unsolicited advice.

Focusing on small things and making it big by creating an argument with everyone is not a mature thing to do.

Saying that you see things that I don't see but fail to logically explain yourself to me, when asked what it is, is just plain idiotic.

Accusing me that I am blind for not seeing whatever it is you see is insulting and demeaning.

Judging people when you've only met them once or twice is just plain wrong.

When you listen to a moron who lives in his own world (read: 19th century values), it makes me question your intelligence.

And before you say things may not work out, please, give me some credit.

How can you possibly know that when I have not even tried it?

I am old enough to know. I'm fucking 28. Let me go and let me live my own life!

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Kiko said...

OMG monster in the house! *j/k*

Sadly, there are a lot of idiots in this world.

Don't mind that person, surely he/she is not worth your time.