Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Another reason why the Howard government sucks...

It's just one of those days when I think, "Why, oh why, did I stop my law studies?"

My mum just heard back from the union and told her that she does not have a strong case. WTF? Any simple-minded bogan can see that she definitely has a strong case! Argh! If I finished my law degree, I could represent my mother in court and take that blasted company to the cleaners!!!

The union is nowhere near as strong since bloody John Howard introduced the Industrial Relations Law which basically gave employers a lot more power and employees far lesser rights. It is so unfair!

Gone were the days when Bob Hawke was the Union President and represented the workers to the best of their ability. Now, they just take the union fees and not do anything! Sissy little f*cks!

I told my mum to withdraw her membership. They are so freaking useless anyway... Grrrrr!!!

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Jaz said...

That just sucks!

And I think your mom's better off without 'em anyway.